Book Review- Perspective Drawing A Step-by-Step Handbook by Michael E. Helms

published On Sep 06 2017

Perspective Drawing A Step-by-Step Handbook

Perspective in the literal sense means “true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion”, and the meaning holds true even in architecture. While studying a field that is based on the accuracy of the drawings, it is important that one knows how to precept the two dimensional to three dimensional. The book on Perspective Drawing by Michael E. Helms, is a beginner’s bible. It covers everything that would let you start drawing perspective:

Necessary Equipment to Start:

The book very well describes and illustrates the necessary equipment to start drawing. Also, the right and wrong ways that one might deal with the equipment.  It shows what should and shouldn’t be done while you prep to start your perspective drawing. The introduction to the basics is always an important part to lay the foundation, and the book leaves no stone unturned to make its readers comprehend what might, and that to step by step.

Introduction to various types of drawings:

The book defines and describes various types of drawings that one will encounter as one proceeds further in the field of architecture and related engineering. All the two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings, and the basic differences and the necessity of all of them, has been penned down very subtly by the author. All the acronyms and terms like HL (Horizontal Line), SP (Station Point), etc. have been illustrated through a lot of examples thus, making it easier for the readers.

Perspective Setup and Its Components:

As you prep, before you cook, similarly you have to setup before you start the perspective. The setup includes the multi-view drawing, i.e. the plans, elevations, etc. on a scale to project and to be able to properly draw the isometric views or any other view. The book chronologically covers the methods and components to develop your plans to perspective.

Various Methods to Draw Perspective:

As the book progresses and you come to the second stage of the perspective drawing, it explores you to various methods which can be useful to do it. Depending on the requirement and necessity, one needs to be aware of what method would best suit.

Understanding the Components of a Building through Perspective Drawing:

When you do start shaping up your views, you keep getting clearer about your design and the various components of your building design. The various important structural details, as well as design details, get a form, depth and height, and you start to realize what needs to be changed and what can be kept untouched, like the windows, doors, roofs, etc.

Interiors Through Perspective:

Not only architecturally, but perspective plays a great role in the interiors as well. It helps to determine and understand the space. The book covers this part of designing interiors through perspective, and thus, becomes an important book for interior designers as well.

The elaborate illustrations and peculiar details that the book covers, makes it easy and feasible for the users, to start, understand and be successful at drawing the perspective. The book is very well penned down to seek the readers, and help them understand the terminologies and the importance of it. It emphasizes on the significance of scales, ratios, heights and verticality in design, and rightly explains why it is a must consideration, and one shouldn’t be stuck with just the multi-view drawings.

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