Refreshing Kids Room With Accurate Use Of Colors, Light & Decor

published On Sep 03 2017

Refreshing Kids Room With Accurate Use Of Colors, Light & Decor

When it comes to designing of a kids modern bedroom, it is the time to get the creative juices flowing and bring in the best. As turning the kid's messy bedroom into something magical is always what parents wish for! Moreover, kids these days are keen on putting in their own suggestions and are turning out to be choosy from a very young age. Hence, it has become a vital process for the interior designers to capture the thoughts of the kids along with the parents as well.

Here are a few tips and tricks penned down for homeowners, who wish to set up their ‘’boys bedroom and the girls bedroom’’ all by themselves. Trying out these ideas would provide one with a foundation, which can turn a tiring and confusing process into a fun time!

Consider The Age Group Before Designing Awesome Bedrooms

The first thing to consider while designing kids cool bedrooms is the ‘’age factor’’. Therefore, start planning by keeping the age group in mind. One could easily divide the age group into four sections and work around it to match the interior requirements of each age group.

Newborn - 3 years: Toddler’s zone

4 years - 9 years: Pre-schooler - School Aged Kids

10 years -12years:  Pre-teen

13 years -19years: Teenager

Bedroom Designs And Color Grow Deeper With Each Age Group

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Newborn - 3 years: Toddler’s zone

The next stage to focus on is the color.  To set a bedroom for a toddler it is advised to play with soft tone colors like the pale blues, soft pinks, light yellows and the mint greens. These soft colors would blend in well with the overall bedroom sets and fabrics designed for the toddler’s room such as the baby’s crib, light soft colored floral patterned fabrics for curtains and light colored wardrobe along with the soft fur carpets or rugs. This altogether gives the room a feeling of softness and comfort, which would be just perfect for an infant’s room.

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Moreover, choosing a lighter shade as the background initially would let one to experiments with various kids conceptualized bedroom ideas, and one could easily grow a color deeper by each passing age group.

4 years - 9 years: Pre-schooler To  School Aged Kids

Logically trying out various vibrant colors would become a necessity when the kids start growing older. The kids of age 4 - 9 years even come up with their own choices. And the best yet the easiest way to get their wishes fulfilled is by splashing colors of their choices in minor doses!

For this age group, either featuring one wall of the room with their favorite color, opting for a mural wall painting of characters of the kid's choices or getting vibrant colored study unit or book racks would be delightful.

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10 years -12years:  Pre-teen  To 13 years -19years: Teenager

By the time the kids hit the pre- teen and teen age group, planning color layout along with the kids gets easier. Additionally, following the process of the color growth from light to deeper could actually save one’s pockets from burning out during each painting process!

Kids Room Lighting Types And Styles

Other than natural light, artificial lights play a major role in designing in the form of both direct and indirect lighting. With the availability of various forms of light fixtures, one could easily enhance the way a room looks and also focus on the functionality depending on the age of the child.

For instance, dim indirect ceiling lights along with usual wall lights would be just perfect for a toddlers room. As during the night hours, it helps the parent in scheduling a fixed bedtime routine and also make a child feel comfortable!

Whereas including funky and colorful lighting effect for the next age group will keep them mesmerized. How about adding frisky sort of light fixtures right in the play area? Make sure that no floor lamps are being used and all these light fixtures are just out of reach of a small child!

And for the pre - teens and the teen's room one could include various types of light fixtures like the down lights, back lights, spot lights, pendant lights depending on the overall design of the room, but the lighting on study areas is concentrated more.

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Awesome Home Accessories - Time To Accessories The Kids Room

Gone are the days when kids room designing revolved just around stuffed soft toys! Accessories like the kid's room wallpapers, for instance, the space wallpaper, galaxy wallpaper, anime wallpaper are available with ease. Teaming these bedroom wall decor accessories with kid’s furniture, themed fabrics and  accent like the cozy reading nook, play corner at home, can help one in creating a flawless theme based child’s room.

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel

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