The Brick Wall Decor Is Always Classy & Different From The Ordinary One

published On Sep 03 2017

The Brick Wall Decor Is Always Classy & Different From The Ordinary One

Time to focus on the "wall decor, rather the ‘’wall’’. Wall decor definition can differ and completely depends upon the design concept being implemented,  as well as on the preferences being opted by the homeowners and the designers. It can be anything from an art being displayed on a wall to an altogether exposed brick wall!

However, the idea of bringing in the exposed brick wall right into the interiors would be just classic. Since it exhibits a rough texture, it can go well in any homes that are being designed with a rustic theme and can instantly make a room pop.

Just in case you prefer to get this look for your home but confused about which brick color to choose from the brick color palette and contemplating about the various design styles that would go along with these colors, then try these ideas out to take the design, a level forward to create a perfect backdrop.

The Pure White Brick Wall For The High-End Minimalist Interior Style

How about blending in a splash of whites onto the traditional brick to create a timeless look? Since both pure white bricks and whites brushed over traditional bricks are being preferred to create certain design concepts, one could easily include the bricks in various tones of whites, as per the demands of an overall room.

The ‘’all white’’ brick wall exhibits a rough rustic texture, though still offers a clean and fresh look that goes well in a home, designed with a minimalist design concept.

One could easily display some wonderful art pieces or photographs on the stairways white brick wall, and let the wall speaks out its own story and make one take a stroll through memories right away!

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The Worn Out “Old Brick Walls’’ For The Shabby Chic Interior Style

The addition of slight layers of white onto the traditional brick effortlessly creates a pleasing classic old and slightly worn out look that would exhibit the shabby chic style.

These white exposed brick wall is definitely a spectacular way to brighten up a room, yet has the power to strongly hold the character of the rustic theme intact.Therefore, can be portrayed as the feature wall by teaming it along with an accent furniture piece and home decor accessories such as the floor lamp, wall frames and so on.

Try this idea out in the foyer or in the bedroom and see how effortlessly the brushed white exposed brick wall can transform the way space look!

The Traditional Brick For The Rustic Interior Style

If you wish to bring the nature right into the home, what could be better than opting for the traditional brick! Since the rustic design is drawn basically from nature, raw and unfinished elements are used in the interiors.

It exhibits warmness around, therefore blending these traditional red or the brownish red exposed brick wall with plants would exhibit an aura of freshness and vibrancy around. A sure shot idea for the kitchen and the balcony!

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The Buff And The Tan Colored Brick For The Mid Century Modern Interior Style

Bricks in shades like the tan and the buff can also be used to achieve the desired ‘’natural look’’.

Buff is slightly a light brownish-yellow color, whereas the tan bricks own some of the pale beige to brown varieties of the colors,  that are found in nature and looks both natural and earthy!

Opting for the buff and the tan shades would be apt for a mid century design style. Team it along with a leather sofa, pair of mid century modern chairs, retro wall art, rugs and the cushions in deep shades to get the perfect mid century look with a  splash of retro-ness. One could try to get this look right in their living room and revive the fashion of the past.

The Dark Brick Wall -Go A Shade Darker For The Transitional Interior Style

Well, who doesn’t dote the shades that resemble the choco chip and the coffee!  Though the deep brown bricks are one of the darkest from the neutral color palette, it does go well with various colors, especially with accent materials that are light or in contrast colors.

It will suit the transitional interior design style, which is basically the blend of both traditional and the modern design. Hence, portrays a sense of balance that’s calming and appealing as well as modish and lustrous at the same time.

Therefore, mix and match the dark brown exposed bricks wall that exhibits a rich-colored appearance along with modern materials, such as the modern light fixtures and the traditional wooden shades.

The Gray, Charcoal Gray And The Matte Black Exposed Brick Wall For The Industrial Interior Style

The Gray is the new white! A home designed with an industrial concept usually consists of colors like the matte blacks, smoky greys, wood, metal and the smoky whites. The tints and shades of the grey color are considered as the new neutral shades and the gray exposed brick wall is definitely the best option for the industrial design concept.

For instance, induce gray exposed brick wall that resembles natural stone wall with an accent ceiling.  Team it up with metal light fixtures and metal stair handrails for an extra charm. How about an addition of wooden touch to this interior? It definitely adds an industrialist splash of color, to an otherwise neutral color scheme!

And on the other side, darker shades like the matte black or charcoal gray exposed brick wall works as a wonder in a home office or a child’s room! One just need to try out the ‘’budget-friendly’’ option of stenciling the brick wall background, to create anything such as a map, globe or planets to give the room a personal customized touch!

No matter which design style one chooses, the key to achieving the perfect brick wall decor is to maintain the consistency and stick with one single color from the brick wall color palette, throughout the home.

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