Landscape Design on a Budget for Residences

published On Sep 03 2017

Landscape Design on a Budget for Residences

“Nature is full of Infinite causes that have never occurred in experience.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

Whether a small shelter or a big house, where ever you live and at any point of time in your life, always have green cover and nature around you. Live in a smaller bedroom, but have a space that connects you with the outer world, that gives you peace and makes the living conditions more habitable. While the house that you reside in should be designed to the best of your needs, always ask your designer for a landscape that you would enjoy to be a part of.

There are various ways, in which you can design your landscape with the minimal cost and on an economical budget. This helps to curb any extra cost that you might have been inhibited to spend, and would also give you the outdoors that would be the center of your house.

1. Use the unused and broken:

Broken tiles, brick bats, unused gravel, etc. all the materials that haven't been used either because it was broken or because it was not needed. All these materials can be used to make pathways, organic flooring patterns.

Two or more materials can also be collected for the pathway, like gravel and the broken tiles or brick bats and unused stones left from flooring.

Landscape Design on a Budget for Residences

Photo credit: Pixabay

2. Make planters at the edges:

The edges where you plan to enclose the landscape that you plan, make planters on those edges. This saves the extra cost that would be used to build the already present walls, and this also gives the central area of the space for the seating. This planning of the landscape also gives more options to plant more and in layers.

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Landscape Design on a Budget for Residences

Photo credit: Pixabay

3. Use color and geometry:

Use the furniture in the landscape which is colorful and compliments the plants that you use. Furniture that you already own can be sometimes sanded and can be reused as outdoor furniture.

Nature has its own geometries, this can be used to enhance the design, circular and thick trunks of trees, if available can become seating and placing bigger stones collectively can be incorporated as natural seating in the design. The colors of these materials always camouflage with the surroundings.

Landscape Design on a Budget for Residences

Photo credit: Flickr

4. Explore the soil:

The soil of every place has its importance and properties which are supportive of various types of a plantation. Understand the kind of soil that you will be dealing and make the most use of it, and work in the conditions that are soil favorable. Also, try the extremes that the soil can handle.

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Landscape Design on a Budget for Residences

Photo credit: Pixabay

5. Go local:

While you explore soil, also try and use plants that are mostly locally available and in the vicinity. Test the soil with the local extremes. Local herbs and shrubs always become a great way to start a kitchen garden or a natural medicinal garden. This helps and promotes healthy living. Also, the local plants grow according to the water content in the soil, thus, less amount of water is required for their growth.

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Landscape Design on a Budget for Residences

Photo credit: Pixabay

6. Make a Bird House:

Make a small place for the birds to come and be a part of your landscape. This helps in organic and unplanned growth of plants, due to the pollen carrying of birds. This adds to the design of the landscape and positively makes the place grow with proper ecological balance.

Landscape Design on a Budget for Residences

Photo credit: Pixabay

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