How to Choose the Specialization to Pursue Masters in?

published On Aug 22 2017

How to Choose the Specialization to Pursue Masters in?

Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever - Keri Russell 

Choosing the specialization to pursue is definitely one of the most significant decisions a person makes in his professional life. The decision is vital irrespective of the field one belongs to or the one he will pursue in the future. The choice is even more arduous in the architecture field because of the vast variations in the highly selective fields. The above quote fairly describes the magnitude of the critical selection it is and therefore deserves its due attention and should never be taken in haste as it is a life altering choice. We will try and aid all those aspirants who are indecisive about their specialization by inferring a few simple ideas they can utilize to make this tough decision.


Listening to one’s heart can lead to the path of realization of one’s calling and can direct you in the right direction. The base rule for appropriate choice is by picking your happiness and the path which you believe will give you happiness rather than the appealing one because appeal vanishes over time and only work content can give you happiness over time.

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How to Choose the Specialization to Pursue Masters in?

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Before opting for a specialization, one needs to weigh out all the options. It is good to consider at least 5-6 choices before concluding to one. Having ample choices enables one to explore specializations in detail about their specific course programs and what they are offering. It also enables one to explore options which were earlier nonexistent to the applicant.

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The applicant needs to be assertive that he is painting a true picture in his mind and to do so sufficient research and the detailed course program should be explored and examined. The negatives and positives should be thought thoroughly and discussed with professionals and adults to be definite of the specialization the applicant has on the top of his list.

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Along with the specialization, necessary attention and research should be done for the university or the institute to pursue the master’s degree in as it is the major factor in ensuring the quality of education the aspirant will receive in the future. In cases where the same course is offered at various universities, a detailed Swot analysis should be ensured of the universities considering aspects such as the ranking of the university, faculties, alumni’s,  study environment, placements and the opportunity to learn and nurture in the selected field.

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Appropriate consideration should be put in the fact about prospective future after pursuing the degree. The master’s degree is a stepping stone for the professional life ahead; looking at the possibilities after pursuing the specialization is a rational way of assisting the decision-making process to which field will be most beneficial in the future.

How to Choose the Specialization to Pursue Masters in?

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