Attractive Closet Designs, Your Kids Will Love

published On Aug 20 2017

Attractive Closet Designs

Kids are the sweet devils around whom the entire routine of a household takes shape. With them being the center of the universe for the parents, there is a growing culture of designed spaces for kids. Space has everything to the liking of the kid, from the bed to curtains, from the play tools to their closets. Closets come with many variations to attract the kids. Apart from being an element to store the items, the closet helps in inculcating a sense of organization of their paraphernalia. The article gives a sneak peek into a few of closet designs that attract and make the kids fall in love with them –:

Attractive Closet Designs, Your Kids Will Love


These are easy to install closets with the advantage of roll down covers. These closets come in a variety of colors and patterns. When required these could be installed otherwise can be stored away. The advantage is that the kids can help installing the wardrobe thus giving them a satisfaction of putting together their closet themselves. Besides, it is devoid of sharp edges, therefore, the kid is out of harm’s way. 

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Every child has a fascination towards a cartoon character, fairytale character or superhero. The entire room synchronizes in with the likes of that character. One of the easiest closet design comes in the way of adding panels made of vinyl printed characters on them. These panels can be changed as the child grows and the preferences change.

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Colours always attract kids, the more the colorful a thing, the more they attracted to it. Try and add pops of color to the closet. The color could be applied in a number of permutations and combinations.

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Attractive Closet Designs, Your Kids Will Love


IKEA’s study series has come up with a concept of ‘Storage that sees eye to eye with kids’. This means that the closest height conforms to that of the kid. Therefore, it is easier for them to access the contents of the closet by themselves. The fact alone attracts the kids towards it. The closet is easy to customize and change as the kids grow. In addition, the closet can be attached with a study and bunk bed, which gives the feeling of a secret hideout to the kids. 

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It is an innovative and space saving solution to integrate study table with the kids closet. While the shutters could be opened up to show the closet as well as the table. Alternatively, it can be partly opened to expose the table. Kids love how they can use a single element in multiple ways. Besides, the various levels give the design an added advantage.

Attractive Closet Designs, Your Kids Will Love


Add pictures of the kids to the door panels of the wardrobe. This adds a personal touch to space and at the same time helps kids to relate to the closet. Their picture on it draws them towards the closet and defines it as theirs. This idea is a tad bit easy to do and easy to fall for. The closet with huge pictures, tend to pull the kids towards it.

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A kid’s accessory is incomplete without an activity board or a chalkboard. It is an ingenious idea to add a chalkboard or activity board to the door of the closet. The mere presence of an active board draws kids towards it and makes them fall for it. Along with the board, add in splashes of color to intensify the charm.

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Instead of doors, one can go in for curtains to shut the closet, to add-in soft finishes to space. This increases the ease of movement for the kids and makes their things approachable to them. The curtains add drama to the room, and who else other than the kids to encourage drama. Go in for either subtle chiffon curtains or go in for a theme based curtains.

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Attractive Closet Designs, Your Kids Will Love


The closet could be designed in a way that it has parts, which are concealed by means of a door or drawers, and parts that are open to view. The closet can have a number of drawers, which can further be used to organize stuff. The catch is, kids, love to play with drawers and can be instantly drawn towards the closet. The drawers could have numbers, symbols, names etc. to denote the function of various spaces, thus, inculcating a sense of organization in the kids by incorporating the playfulness at the same time.

Attractive Closet Designs, Your Kids Will Love


The walk-in closet is like a room full of stuff for the kids. The kid is free to take a walk and choose the piece that he/she wants to wear or play with. The privacy and closeness of the space attract the kids, as there always some mischief playing on their minds and for that, they need nice closed spaces.

Attractive Closet Designs, Your Kids Will Love

There is a range of ideas that one can put to use while working on a closet for kids. As anything in the room is designed in a manner that the kid gets attracted to it and responds to it. One needs to take care of the likes and dislikes of the kid in question while installing a closet. Not all the kids are alike; they have their own whims and fancies, which the designer has to pay heed to. There are a lot of options from designing the internal organizing sections to surficial treatments that could be incorporated while creating attractive designs for the kids. The aim, after all, is to make the kids fall in love with the closet.

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