Space Saving Hacks to Make Some Extra Space in Your Bedroom

Space Saving Hacks to Make Some Extra Space in Your Bedroom

Bedroom, kitchen, home office, kids room, living area, in short, take the full of the residence which is always in a big need of storage space. It always starves for good accommodating space for stuff we have to store in. Today we will talk about some smart, stylish and easily adaptable bedroom storage hacks to create more of the space in that limited area for your unlimited stuff. Yes, it is possible if you scan out the whole bedroom area in a whole new creative and efficient manner. Count every inch to get that stuff to be stored in properly, efficiently and should be in a wonderful segregated manner. Let’s check out few easy, hacky stylish ways for storage.

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The irony of a bedroom is that most of its floor area is occupied by the bed and fortunately it gives us a cheerful chance to use it in a very efficient manner. Create inner bed or bottom bed space for storage. Let your bed play a role of the storage cabinet for some huge and irregular useable stuff like quilts, extra pillows, bedsheets, etc. You have to make good use of your king size or single size bed by transforming it into the storage area. You might go for pull out drawer or pull up sections beneath the mattress.

Bedroom space hacks

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Make good use of the walls. Let the overhead cabinets section area be used in a more convenient and stylish manner. The idea is not to create boxes on the wall, remember we need to make stylish and atheistic use of wall by dividing the wall area into some closed cabinets and open racks. Versatile storage spaces not only provide an easy way of storage but it also enhances the style of the room and upgrades its looks with tidy storage sections.

use of walls


Most of the time we do leave the bed headboard wall vacant even if the space of the bedroom is cramped and needs to have some storage space. The intelligent and smart way of design will give you that much-needed storage in a beautiful and attractive manner. Not only the storage thing but it also gives a complete look and feel to the bed design area. It becomes like a section in itself to provide you with comfort, looks, storage, and style.

Headboard wall


One may install open racks, glass slides or pull out section at the various corner of the bedroom. It is like adding some more open storage to your bedroom and giving a complete finishing touch to the bedroom corners. They are quite useful when it comes to stuff up your regular, tiny and most usable belongings. They not only add storage style to your rooms but also add an instantly chic and transform your dull corners to a darling area.

Open racks and sections


Don’t let the window sill go wasted. Use it to the maximum with smart and intelligent storage ideas, cabinets or racks according to your bedroom window size and bedroom size. It is most commonly wasted areas of a bedroom which should be instantly put into use and mesmerizing design. Remember they too are part of your bedroom.

Window sill

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A bedroom is a place which has never ending storage needs starting from big to small, medium to tiny, heavy to light. All the stuff has to be accommodated in a segregated manner to get best of looks, designs, personal touch, and comfort. So do not waste extra floor space by simply engaging it with over cabinets and boxy furniture. What we need is to use the space intelligently rather than fixing it up with a load of furniture. So, go for smart storage hacks to make your bedroom look perfect, impressive and complete.


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