9 Ideas to Make Beautiful Bathroom With Candle Light

published On Aug 08 2017

Bathroom With Candle Lights

First and foremost thing that comes to your mind when you think about a bathroom is to take a bath, starting up your day, refreshing yourself after a long day etc. But is bathroom actually meant for bathing and cleaning purposes? Guess the answer is no. The bathroom is a place to relax back, to take a deep, cozy and sensational refreshing personal time to clean off your all day stress, unwanted gossips, complaints etc. Basically, it is like giving you the most personal and free time. Make it look, feel and sound even more special and relaxing by adding up the warmth, dimness and magical powers of bathroom candles or bathroom scented candles. It is one of the most pleasing and winning styles of bathroom decors to fetch in the comfort and relaxation within minutes.


Make your bathroom window sill or bath tub sill look more relaxing, charming and pleasing by placing bathroom scented candles on them. It not only improves your bathroom décor styling but also adds in the much needed cozy and warm effect for your comfort.

9 Ideas to Make Beautiful Bathroom With Candle Light


Almost every bathroom has niches in their wall architecture. Make good and impressive use of those wall niches. Don’t let the wall niches go vacant and faded. Put them into the seductive and alluring duty of holding the candle light warmth and charm into them. Enhance your bathroom wall decors in such a simple and catchy manner.

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Bathroom wall decors


Bathroom scented candles are best option to go with for a peaceful as well as fragrant bath time. Make your bath relaxing, as well as the most memorable bath ever.

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9 Ideas to Make Beautiful Bathroom With Candle Light


Placement of bathroom scented candles or simple bathroom candles at the corners of the bathroom will enhance the beauty of bathroom décor as well as light up the dull corners and will provide them a darling look.

9 Ideas to Make Beautiful Bathroom With Candle Light


It is not essentially important to keep up all the bathroom candles on the sill, around the bath tub, wall niches etc. One may fix them up in the hanging vintage chandelier decorations. It not only improves your bathroom décor but also increases the styling of bathroom ceiling design.

bathroom hanging Candles


Make your bathroom decorations count every inch. If you are not comfortable placing scented bathroom candles beside your bathing area one can place them at the wash basin counter. It is like getting the effect of warmth and coziness drop by drop in a seductive manner.

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9 Ideas to Make Beautiful Bathroom With Candle Light


If you have an architectural mantel in your bathroom then I must say you are lucky enough to put in the bathroom decors in that. Make your architectural mantel look smoking hot, sweet and cozy by placing around 8-10 bathroom scented candles in it.

9 Ideas to Make Beautiful Bathroom With Candle Light


Bathroom decors can be done at one of the bathtubs with bathroom candles. No need to play all around the tub to get that feel or look. Placing up 3-4 bathroom candles at one side of the bathtub is equally aesthetic and impressive. If bathroom scented candles are used then they will complete the feel and touch.

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At side of bathtub


Many bathrooms have the steps inside them. You might put in the steps or series of the small staircase into bathroom décor styling. Let the bathroom candles enhance the beauty of every step.

9 Ideas to Make Beautiful Bathroom With Candle Light

Bathroom scented candles, bathroom decors; bathroom wall decorations, etc. are all just a name until we put them into the right position and engage them to make our life look and feel more beautiful, relaxing and peaceful. Put them in and have a happy bathing.. !!

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel

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