Clever Ways To Create Stylish Living Room In A Small Space

Clever Ways To Create Stylish Living Room In A Small Space

The living room is one place in a house which everyone sees where you welcome your guests, this is the only room which showcases your sense of style and from this people know about your personality. It does not have to be very large or exotic but it should be aesthetically pleasing.

A small living room in a home is a big challenge but there are many ways in which they can be changed into an advantage if you choose the right design. It’s about finding the crossover between what’s important to you and what looks right. Small living rooms need to be kept fresh, alive and a great way to make it larger is to keep clean, tidy and everything should be in proper order.

small living room

In your design scheme, you can go for large mirrors or group of them so that the maximum amount of light can enter the living room to make the room feel bigger and brighter. To make the room taller and larger try to hang curtains from the ceiling instead of directly on window frames.

As space is very less so for storage purpose you can always look up to floating shelves or floor to ceiling shelves and even cupboards so that you can use every inch of your space. Don’t over decorate the room with accessories a couple of paintings or some collections of photos can go well with your design.

When designing a small living room always pay attention to type, scale of furniture you are going for, the color combination and ceiling height because all these things make an quite impact on how big or small room feels.

Balance along with the creativity is the key while designing a living room.

So have a look in the living room decorating ideas to make your limited space seem larger.


In home décor, oversized mirrors highlight your best features of the room. They double the space and also if placed across windows they will bounce the light around the room making the space more airy and lighter.

Like in this one –Two large mirrors are placed behind the light source to reflect light in the room and also make a striking focal point by creating a perfect balance in the room

Magical mirrors


One of the important small living room ideas is the use of light colors on walls, floors and on ceilings (like white, gray, and beige) as they expand the space and make the room look larger. You can also pick the furniture that features some bright colors to have some contrast in the room.

Light color palette

Like in this one a purple color L- section sofa provide a bold contrast against white background in this elegant living room


Always opt for furniture that suits small space. The right arrangement of the furniture can make all the difference in the living room. Pale colors furniture with light weight appearance makes the room looks larger.

Choose small scale furniture as compared to full-size sofas and bulky armchairs to make the place more relaxing and cozy one for you and for your guests.

Furniture layout setting

Tip: - Pull your furniture away from the wall a little inches, it will make the room look more open.


These are the great spots to use in a small living room like you can go for an extra accent chair, bookshelves, cupboards or a fireplace making the room more livable.

U can maximize storage with corner bookshelf as they add depth and visual scale to the room or you can also look for another option like framing pictures or displaying decorative items in the corner of the wall in a creative way by making niches.

Use of corners


Always add some personal touch in the living room to bring out X factor in there as it reflects your own sense of style. You can be creative while designing the living area like add some personal artwork, decorative elements or beautiful framed pictures to make the room more attractive.

Express yourself

It must draw the major attention of the room and also should be visually appealing and balances with the room.


Rugs are a good way to introduce color in the room as they can be easily swapped for a change of mood and if they extend the furniture in living area they make space look bigger.

You can either go for the subtle pattern and light colors for the rug as they blend seamlessly with the furnishings of the room or go bold with bright colors and patterns as they add fun and spark in the neutral room.

Rug space


Greenery makes the smallest place very fresh and livable. It brings the outdoor life in the room. For e.g. tall greenery or potted plants, they bring the softness in place and don’t look too heavy. You will suddenly feel the room more dynamic with the addition of living things.

Bring greenery

Well, your living room regardless of any size should function as a place for relaxation and entertainment. So pick your favorite style which suits your design and makes your living room more spacious and more elegant.

Lastly, Watch this video to learn more about "Luxurious Modern Living Room And Ceiling Designs Trend of 2017"


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