Ways To Become Topper For An Architecture Student

published On Jul 21 2017

Ways To Become Topper For An Architecture Student

Clearly, once the student is no longer a student the possibilities of relationship are enlarged.- Marilyn Hacker

Architecture is a grueling profession associated with one of the most strenuous lifestyles. Being an architectural student is arduous as one is trying to get accustomed to this regime.

Surviving this routine is problematic and challenging but one can excel in it by following certain conventions we all are aware of but don’t pay notice to. One can outshine as a student and achieve success by putting a little additional effort. So inferring in this article are simple behavioral habits and changes one can make to become a topper in architectural studies.


Time is definitely a student’s enemy, and more so of an architectural student who is constantly trying to beat deadlines and finish work in the given timeframe. Understanding the importance of time and utilizing it to the optimum is critical in achieving success. Time management is a skill which can be easily acquired with a few attempts and upsurges the competency in a longer run.

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Time management does not exist in isolation but to a great level is assisted by punctuality. Timekeeping and regularity are incredibly beneficial in the longer run. If you are lagging behind time it becomes difficult to cope with it, therefore, it is crucial to be punctual not only in your work output but also in life. Punctuality gives the scope for improvement hence a probability of a more productive product and a stress-free life.

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Success and perfection are in details; adequate attention should be given to details to get excellence in one’s work. This approach escalates the quality of the output radically and is the practice of all successful students as well as practicing professionals. Attention to details is what creates a huge difference between mediocre and topper students.

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Work assessment is imperative; work should always be managed in a way that it leaves appropriate time for proof reading and checking the work. Proofreading eliminates errors and therefore is an important task to be included in the routine. Proof reading as a practice can be supplemented with recommendations after discussions with mentors and peers. it adds dimension and depth to one’s design and work output.

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Research is vital and beneficial for productive output as it adds a significant dimension to it. Good research benefits the work process as well as the output in multiple ways; it not only helps in knowing the existing research on the subject but also aids in developing a methodology for future work outline. Research is essential to comprehend the existing effort on the topic, acknowledge it and take it forward from there. It assists in understanding the subject, take instances from similar case studies and develop a worthy cause effect relationship to substantiate the output.

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