Sketching Is Our Favourite Architectural Tool

published On Jul 21 2017

Sketching Is Our Favourite Architectural Tool

Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic. - Keith Haring    

Architecture is the art and practice of designing, the transition between the thought process and the execution of an architect’s conception is complex and a multilevel process.  It is an established fact that the course of the thoughts cannot be facilely implemented therefore sketching as a tool becomes a necessity and a utility rather than a choice. So, in this article, we will be elaborating and inferring the well-known fact that sketching is our favorite tool as an architect.


We, as architects can easily agree to the fact that that designing is a complicated process. The final output is a result of various levels of complex interventions. Sketching as a tool aids this process and facilitates a smooth transition between the thoughts, a whole series of roller coaster rides a design goes through and the output. Concept sketching is a great technique for brainstorming ideas and collaborating with team members as well as clients as it refines the whole wire framing process.

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Sketching on paper gives one the freedom to consider every idea without the fear of making a technical mistake which is imperative in the design development process. Sketching is a repeated process and should be used as a tool without focusing on perfection; rather on the shaping of the intention of the deliberation which will wind up creating not only the most work but the best work.

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Sketching helps evaluate the feasibility of features and eliminate layout and functionality issue which is why it is a perfect instrument to bridge the distance between problem and solution. We all are aware how difficult can it be to deal with a designers block and break from it; sketching can easily be accessed as the key to breaking from it.

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Sketching is an effective medium to express one's interpretation of the clients brief to the client. It is a well-defined approach to make the client understand the design output; the technical drawings are difficult for a layman to understand.

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Sketching is one channel that everybody understands with ease and therefore is an excellent tool because of its universality. The biggest appeal of sketching is that it’s a skill one can acquire with ease; it doesn’t need perfection as it’s for understanding and design development rather than presentation. Sketching can be done anywhere and anytime; so when a designer conceives any thought, he can easily outline it. The time constraint is huge while preparing technical output for design ideas; sketching eliminates this restraint as it is the quickest way to give form to the conception of the design.

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