Quintessential Lighting For Living Rooms

published On Jul 11 2017

Quintessential Lighting For Living Rooms

Lighting is a strand of interior design that is imposed to achieve exquisite perception to the occupant. A perfect lighting can make the room triumph as a design. When we walk through space we tend to pay heed to the diffusion of light only if the Illuminance is unsuitable for the eye. On the contrary,  if in the same space the lighting comes down in favor of the user, the expansion becomes plush.

The living room, being the nucleus of a home needs special care while providing lighting ideas for it. Some of them are as follows:


The living room is a touch and go area of the house, it's quite tedious to strike the right illumination balance in the former. All this is because of the so many tasks it caters be it reading, sitting, watching television etc. For this cause Ambient lights are the kernel that radiates a soothing quantity of brightness with no glare. These ensure the safe to and fro movement of the inhabitants. In Indian middle-class homes we don't have ceiling fittings for Ambient lights-Chandeliers and Pendant Lights, therefore pot lights or angled spotlights can play a pseudo part of overhead lighting as ambient lights

contemporary living room


Living rooms usually witness a good amount of daylight and a variety of moods. Dimmers should be hooked to ambient lights in order to save energy and regale different times of the day. Not every time would a person be in the same aura or temper. Therefore dimmers are a must on the checklist while providing luminance to the living room.

Living room

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Living rooms are a hub to the show pieces out there for display and that is where we need a lighting t draw the eye towards them. Recessed lights for niches and to light fireplaces, table tops and hanging pots and plants. Another coaxed about lights are wall scones that add drama and give a feel of trinkets to the object they enhance. Through wall scones, mediums can also be switched like glass or metal. These lights even add glamour and highlight textures such as a brick or a stone wall

transitional living room


Typically while starting a lighting process for the living room, we need to be precise about the amount of light that is necessary to get an exemplary environment. Imagine a living room with those innumerable lights piercing the naked eye with their glare. Those design tips are essential for a sustainable interior. Too many lights destroy space One ambient light be it a  chandelier or pendant light is ample with small quantities of wall lights and recessed ones. Localize the light sources instead of bombarding the entire ceiling with lights.

american traditional living room


Fluorescent Tubes give an off color to objects. They should be avoided in the incorporation of the design. Furthermore, they are poison for the eyes. They load the eyes with stress. Compact Fluorescent LED's are the best to be used as bulbs as they are great energy savers and much less stressful to the eyes.

contemporary living room


Living rooms are usually used both for relaxation and work. This is where a task light comes into being  - during work. Task lights comprise usually of table  lamps, track lights or floor base lamps. They are on the scene along with ambient and wall lights, therefore a proper balance needs to be maintained between those systems to maintain a sense of harmony in the room. These light are there to enhance productivity of any visual task.

contemporary living room

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