7 Materials That Look The Best On The Facade

published On Jul 07 2017

Materials That Look The Best On The Facade

Facades are one of the key elements that build the aesthetic quality of any edifice. Design, fabrication and installation of facades is a tedious affair. A lot of factors have to be kept in mind while designing those entities as they provide a function as well. A good and an aesthetic facade is a perfect portrayal of an architect’s creativity and vision. Serendipity is the perfect word that can be used for those cool structures. Such facades make a building stand out against all odds. Following   are 7 materials that are perfect for facades.


In order to create clear-cut and vivid facades that are modern in nature, concrete is the best material. Paired with sleek transparent glass concrete gives an inventive look. Colour schemes can differ and pair with small chunks of other materials can represent a strong and an aesthetic face of the building.

contemporary exterior


Lightweight materials that are aesthetically as well as structurally sound are the best option for creative facades. For this reason, hardwood timber is an excellent material. It can be customized in a number of shades and patterns and makes a facade look airy and modern. Moreover, they can be used as whole blocks or cut into battens. The only drawback for these is that they need high maintenance.

modern exterior


One of the most creative and experimental facades are those with a minimalistic approach. Rough stones are the perfect materials to create such a look. As the saying goes, “ Less is more “, that is how stone facades create an impact on our minds with their minimalistic but a detail in itself look. The best way to use those materials is to blend them with timber or concrete.

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For a grand and magnificent look, heavy weight materials are a boon . Though they are expensive but on the contrary they stand out as a facade material. Plaster and stucco are a great option as they are available in various colors . They look high quality and expensive. Pairing those with good quality stones like marble makes it a worthy investment. This sort of a facade is good for all types of climate.

mediterranean exterior


For grand and an industrial look use of steel is the perfect option. Due to its fast installation properties, it makes a great material for intricate and interesting facades. Be it for any scale, metal facades create contemporary envelopes and are the best for large scale projects. Rustic steel, weathered metal or a lustrous metal, all look best as a wholesome facade on large buildings and for small scale construction like homes. Running bands or pergolas of metal give a very eclectic look.

Image credit: Pixabay


Keeping it simple yet contemporary and elegant is a creativity in itself and for such facades, bricks are the most versatile and maintenance free elements. Being extremely economical and aesthetically sound , bricks have the most charming architectural style when used on facades. They come in wide range of colors, formats and surfaces. Be it the Red Brick or the Black Brick , every pattern and every colour exhibit an elegance. They are sustainable and never lose their radiance and that is why they are one of the best materials for creating facades.

Image credit: Pixabay


Living facades are a new trend and the most fresh looking aesthetic elements . They give an eye-catching effect to the facade and even stand out from others. They are a boon to the air quality and thermal insulation. Introduction to various creepers in the design can be done. A trellis system is installed to hold the vines together and this system looks great and refreshing.

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