10 Bathroom Ideas Your Kids Would Love

published On Jul 05 2017

contemporary bathroom

If you want to design a separate bathroom for your kids, you should make it cheerful and colorful. The best part about designing kids bathroom is that you can play with as many as colors and shades that you want and experiment with more than just one theme in any way you are not limited by the constraints of the remainder of the home and you obviously have lots to choose from.

coastal bathroom

Fill the space with soft textures and smart organization tricks. Kid’s interests and personality are very important so you can go for personalized towels and accessories inspired by cartoons or cute animals.

Beautiful mirrors, cool customized accessories with your kids name on them a fun work of framed art may be painted by them can all help in creating an individual look without having to turn the entire bathroom inside out.


You can always choose a theme they will love like you can go for a Disney theme, animal theme or under water theme or any other type of theme that sits the personality and taste of your child.

No matter how far you are from the coast you can still bring the best elements of the sea inside into your décor. When a child walks in bathroom and shuts his door he/she feels literally like they are underwater. You can create waves on the wall or can go for some beautiful oceanic creatures drawn on the wall.

american traditional bathroom
american traditional bathroom


This one is suitable for those who have two- three kids. This is a very interesting way to teach your kids which color of towel or accessories is theirs. You can write the letter of their name on each child’s towel or toiletries.

Coastal bathroom


In kid’s bathroom you don’t have to limit yourself to just one bold shade, we can choose two to three commentary colors to design a cheerful and fun space for your kids will love or you can just go for all whites and add some splash of color to spark it up.

Eclectic bathroomContemporary bathroom


Kid’s bathroom decoration can be just a spectacular fun for them if you do together with your kids because this is the place where they start their day and end also.

Round mirrors and rugs arranged in polka dot style in circular shape and tweety n kitty toys make this place very interesting and fun place for children.

DIY TIP: - You can use a plastic toy to make a crazy cute tooth brush holder

contemporary bathroomContemporary Bathroom


From cute little fish to cartoon character, from their favorite animal prints to some artful shower curtains they come in so many prints these days that it becomes very difficult to choose, they create a focal point in the bathroom.

Pick them according to the décor of your bathroom or by the choice of your kid.

coastal bathroom
american traditional bathroom

DIY TIP: - Keep the bathroom colorful and tidy with coordinated storage for toiletries and more.


A soft shade of blue is splashed on the walls to visually expand and brighten the space, while still incorporating deeper shades of blue for a sweet and interesting monochromatic look. To contrast with the blue surroundings, u can pop out with red, orange or green color accessories in unexpected spot.

american traditional bathroom

DIY TIP: - Theme toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, towels and fixture can all add to the unified look, but make sure they come in matching or complementary colors.


When designing a bathroom for kids make sure it is nicely organized so that your kids can do their part to keep it clean and tidy. Addition of storage baskets and bins, hooks and shelves are all great ways to provide a place for everything.

Or if you want something different you can go for a ladder it works for storage purpose as your kids would love to arrange their stuff themselves and it creates a very interesting and fun element in the bathroom.

contemporary bathroom


In kids bathroom you can go for a few bold strokes of color to make it feel fresh and modern for kids, like rainbow stripes which turn the bathroom into very colorful and playful area.

Or you can simply opt for a colorful cotton stripes math.

contemporary athroommidcentury bathroom


One of the most important things to not forget while planning for your kid’s bathroom space is the fact that he or she will be the one who will be using it and hence it is important that you keep safety in mind in everything you do. For any children space you should think about every way that you can make it safe for your little ones.

american traditional bathroom

Everything must be placed at a level where they can access the stuff. For this choose a step stool and add non-slip grip to ensure little ones stay safe and sound. Other things which are important for safety is grab bars which can easily be installed into the bathtub or shower to help little ones keep their balance and give them something to hold on to in order to prevent falls.


Design a space with interesting patterns that children will love like polka-dot, stripes and floral prints doodles or their favorite cartoon characters anything which goes with your theme or the choice of your kid.

modern bathroom

Lastly you can opt for a design of their choice as it is a place where they are likely to start and end each day, so make sure it feels fun and welcoming.

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