Garden Wall Decor Ideas That Mesmerise

Garden Wall Decor Ideas That Mesmerise

Updated on 2018-10-14

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The garden, rather the “outdoor space” has many roles to portray, from being considered just as a part of beautifying the exterior design of a home to a place where one could organize social gathering and unwind themselves. Hence, it is vital for a garden to appear flawless!

The garden decor would be considered incomplete if the walls are left unattended. Therefore, I am listing out a few wonderful ways to adorn the garden walls.

The Patterned Outside Wall Decor - Fretwork Panel (Designer Jaali)

Fretwork panels are also known as overlays. These are thin, light weight decorative accessory available in various patterns and colors. It is manufactured in the form of stickers as well as fabricated from materials like MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). For the adornment of an outdoor space, opting an overlay which features water resistance would be the best.

When it comes to choosing of fretwork for the garden walls, what I would suggest is stick with color palette’s like white, the shades of brown or a vintage palette. The vintage palette basically consists of neutral shades, earthy tones and metallic colors which would add in just the right amount of color required for a garden.

wall decor

As the garden already consists of vibrant colors in the form of softscape, it is important to balance the design with the addition of neutral shades. For instance, a charcoal gray garden wall with white fretwork would look elegant, whereas a wooden straight line patterned fretwork over a matte black wall, would showcase a sleek contemporary look.

The Green Wall Art - Vertical Garden

Ever thought of creating a feature wall in the garden? Garden wall art or the living wall could come to your rescue! Since, the point here is to grow plants vertically, one could buy those vertical garden wall planters and get it  installed, which are easily available.

green wall art

How about planting succulents or herbs? This definitely lend a rustic and lively look, which not just looks trendy but also adds personality to the space. Moreover, even a naturally occupied ‘’moss-covered wall’’ can be converted into a feature wall too! Add pair of lanterns on either side if the wall. It could turn out to be a perfect backdrop for the outdoor dining zone.

Peek Through The Window - Repurposed Garden Decor

Time to create illusions, an imaginary world. Mirrors would be a perfect solution for gardens those are very small in size, as it creates an illusion of larger space.

  Garden Wall Decor Ideas That Mesmerise

Image credit: Pexels

Use an old window, paint to get a vintage touch and fix this above the mirror, to create an illusion of a ‘’classic window’’ that lets one to peek into the inner details of the garden design. Make sure to place this vintage wall decor accent piece in such a way that it is surrounded by greenery such as climbing  vines and reflects the most beautiful corner of the garden rather than the walls of the home itself.

Outdoor Garden Art - The Wall Has A Story To Tell

It is necessary to understand that the large outdoor wall decor is not just about hanging plants on the wall. It can be anything from using layers of different wall materials on the existing wall to embellishing it with various exterior wall art. By letting our creative juices flowing and by experimenting with designs one could actually let the garden speak up its own story! One can even try out showcasing mural art. Create an art, portray a particular theme. For instance, a mural with a bird bath will blend well on wall that is installed with a bird house. And this wall right next to a tree would look picture perfect. Make sure to create a story that would give the onlookers something unique to gaze on.

  Garden Wall Decor Ideas That Mesmerise

Image credit: Maxpixel


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