What should an Architecture Thesis Represent

published On Jun 20 2017

Architecture thesis

Architecture is one of the few professions which has the ability to create and change the society through spaces. It can make you feel and understand, the past, present and future. And thesis in Architecture is the most important representation of your entire understanding of the field and all that you have learnt as a student. It is required that you bring out the best of your learning and try and make a difference through the design and put forward your thoughts.

While doing your thesis it is always important that it represents you. More than anything, it should be able to make you more learned and aware of the architecture that you want to believe in.

Before you begin your thesis, there are some essentials that your thesis should represent.

Need of the Hour

Whatever you choose your thesis to be based on, it should represent the need and necessity of the moment. It can be fancy, yet should be grounded and believable. It should make sense locally and regionally. There can always be various topics combining to form a basic core to support or enhance the reasoning of the thesis and giving you a better clarity for the topic.

Architecture ppt

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All Explored and Learned

Thesis is all about going beyond and exploring. Going out of your comfort zone, and learning is very essential. It is only when you have tried and adapted to difference, is when you can come up with your best work. Whatever you choose to design, you should have quality understanding of it and you should be able to make conscious decisions for it. To be able to do that, travel and gain from it as much as possible, it will surely broaden your horizon and affect your design in a positive sense.

Explore thesis more

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Everything Researched and Prepared

Everything needs deeper digging, and researching and preparing for it is always necessary. Thesis requires intense research and preparation and when you start designing and present it, all your research should be a part of it. Your designs should be involving everything and your understanding throughout the process.

deeper digging

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 Thoughts and Design

Research and preparation should lead to a design that will represent the thoughts that have developed with the research. Make sketches and sections and all that you can to give a third person a clear picture of the thoughts and desires. Try and put in all your efforts.

Research and preparation

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Designing is an always evolving process, it never stops. It should evolve from your start to end. It can be difficult to do it on a regular level, but it is important. Your final design should have a process, and you can always go back and forth with it. Never lose the basics of design and make it as contextual as possible.

design evolving process

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The thoughts and creativity for your work should be flexible. It should involve more aspects of inclusive and exclusive spaces. It should be challenging for you, and that is when you will come out with more creative and perhaps better ideas and will help you to exempt ‘creative block’ from your head.

Thoughts and creativity

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