5 Romantic Bathtub Designs and Bathroom Luxury Ideas

5 Romantic Bathtub Designs and Bathroom Luxury Ideas

Updated on 2018-11-24

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In this busy life, work schedule, in the race of fulfilling requirements and needs of the family, personal needs etc. we do start missing few important moments of our life. One should go for hard work but should also try to recharge and balance the personal life to its best and create awesome moments to refresh their living and everyday schedule, love and care. Nothing can be much better than a sweet, romantic bath time. Make your life feel good, with a personal touch of romantic bathroom ideas or by installing a romantic bathtub for two, etc. It is basically to recreate your love and romance and take a break from your busy life. Let the luxurious, contemporary and stylish bathtub take the responsibility to recreate the lost magic of love in your life. Make your magnificent modern master bathroom and bathing time go seriously personal and the most relaxing with some of these ideas and types of bathtubs.

Merely getting a bathtub for your bathroom is not enough. You need to know about your bathroom size, layout, about the types of bathtubs available in the market, your budget and most importantly your ideas of romance.


Ideas start with romantic and classy bathtub in the contemporary bathroom. Classy style bathtub or an alcove bathtub is one of them which adds to class, romance, and style to your bathroom and to your moments.

alcove bathtub


Stepping into the bathtub with your love can be the most romantic and loving thing ever. Add on some romance with candle lights at a corner, wine glasses and some music. It will be just perfect to charm up your evening and spend some quality time with your love.

Here is another design inspiration on Bathrooms With Stunning Vanity And Bathtub, You Will Instantly Fall For

walk in bathtub


If you are seriously looking for some nature added romance for you then you must for this type of bathtub. Placement of square bathtub or corner bathtub beside your bathroom window adds to the charm and natural freshness in your bath and romance. 

corner bathtub


If you are planning a romantic shower than what else can be better than jacuzzis. They not only relax your time and you but also add in some hot water massage to your peaceful and romantic bathing time.

contemporary bathroom


This type of bathtub can be placed anywhere in your bathroom. They blend very well with every kind of bathroom design styling and decors. Few rose petals with candlelight around the bathtub will make the bathroom beautiful and definitely increase the emotions of your romance and love.

free standing bathtub

With a  luxurious bathroom that's fuss-free and sexy bathtub settings, one can simply illuminate with candles as well as different lights to make the bathroom look stylish

  • Candles around or at a corner of your bathroom bathtub.

  • Rose petals on the floor and in the bathtub water.

  • Mix up your romance well with some romantic wine.

  • Let the music do rest of the work for you.

  • Bathrobes with some romantic designs on it will defiantly help in to enhance the beauty of your romance.

  • Romantic bathroom fragrance and scented candles are pure magic for your romantic bathroom settings.

A perfect blend of class, looks, style, design, and ideas brings in the super awesome romantic bathroom bath ideas with the help of luxurious and romantic bathtub designs. Let your romance and love glow up with the time; do not let it fade with the passing duties and responsibilities.

Lastly, take a read of the dilemma about Bathrooms With Stunning Vanity And Bathtub, You Will Instantly Fall For

And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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