Sparkle Your Kitchen With Amazing Light And Decor

published On Jun 06 2017

Modern kitchen

The kitchen is the marrow of the house, an area where creativity lies, where the art of food making is brought off. Therefore delightful and inspiring kitchen interiors are a must to boost simplicity and function rather than creating a boring space with too many elements. The key to a perfect kitchen decor is a well organized, user-friendly space with perfect decorations be it lights, textures or colors. The main trail to be considered while setting up decor for the kitchen is to have innovations so as to make cooking more fun.

Here are a few ideas to make your kitchen boost with creativity.


The right illumination for the kitchen acts as a highlighter for cabinets, furniture, and countertops. Pitch for task lights in areas like sinks, kitchen islands, and stores. Moreover, aim at glowing poorly lit areas inside the kitchen. Even mixing and matching ambient lights and low beam task undercabinet lights make a kitchen look well- lit!

contemporary kitchen lights


Lighting design for cabinets and countertops is pretty tricky. Lighting has to be slapped onto the cabinet bottom to illuminate the countertops and this has to be subtle to avoid glare from countertops. On the other hand over cabinet lights are more of an aesthetic feature rather than functional. They spread a really nice ambiance in the kitchen.

kitchen lighting ideas


The kitchen light fixtures create a style statement. For instance, the pendants for high ceiling kitchens are a boon to the appearance. Pendant lights can be lodged as one piece over an island or as a centerpiece that acts as an ambient light to illuminate the kitchen or can be stationed in numbers to make a bold statement for a visual interest. Some examples of pendant lights may be industrial pendants, chic lights, rope chandeliers, metallic orbs etc. 

kitchen light fixture


Any transformation or change in the design that makes a tedious job easier for the user will amplify your creativity and save a lot of time. Under counter, LED's are a good example for this. No more useless digging into those deep drawers because those lights have made visibility much clearer. Pull out drawers, slide out spice and bottle racks save space and look fabulous. Even a multi-tasking kitchen island gives a stylish look and works as a bar and a dining as well.

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modern kitchen


Modern kitchens make use of colors with matt finished cabinets making the space the focal point of the house. Subtle color cabinets and a wall with bold color is the best way to make the kitchen bustle. The space in between the counter and the cabinet can be filled up with mosaic or tiles that stand out. These bright colors make the kitchen more interesting.

colorful kitchen


The introduction of metals like copper, silver or bronze makes the kitchen kingly. Plumbing fittings or electrical fixtures can be done in luxury metallics which paves the way to a panache kitchen. Very small amounts of those can be added through cabinets as strips or as handles to pull out drawers. But to make the drawers look alluring, make sure to use the best materials for cabinets

white kitchen


Grow your herbs right there inside the kitchen on the side of your sink by angling pots beside the cabinets or hang them over the window by means of hooks. This idea makes your kitchen an everlasting refreshment to pass by.

contemporary kitchen design
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