Cozy Corners, Where You Can Spend Your Leisure Time Peacefully

Cozy Corners, Where You Can Spend Your Leisure Time Peacefully

Leisure activates are a person's best way out from the stress that he suffers from, on a day to day life and for this venture, a person needs to indulge in these activates in quiet cozy corners of the house. Every house has that one corner that is transformable into an ambient welcoming space where you can spend alone time with your books, flow with the rhythm of music or play chess and board games. The best part of transforming a corner is that it demands minimal space. it doesn't necessarily need to be a complete entity,  it can be a small cozy corner inside an already existing room. Here are some ways to develop those ambient corners:


Kitchen nooks are an excellent place for spending leisure time with sunlight kissing you superficially. A rocking chair or a winged chair with a designed ottoman are perfect for having breakfast and reading a book or a newspaper in the morning as mornings tend to be cooler and you get set for a fresh start to your work.

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Bay windows are a welcoming spot for spending time. A large niche could be constructed where a window based day bed can be created. Moreover, a chaise chair can be placed on a rack filled with books and extra storage drawers and shelves. The best part about the bay window corner is that it allows ample light to read.

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Floating corner shelves with minimal furniture can be the perfect snug space. its hard to get out of bed every day but this passage could be made a lot easier through cozy spaces in the corners. These corners make great meditational space when there are dimmed lights installed.

eclectic bedroom


A cozy nook, especially by a window is the best place to pray or clear your thoughts, along with enjoying natural light and your favorite views. Placing floor pillows and enough cushions along with a pouf chair give the perfect visual therapy. More over it is the best space to play board games and sit in duets.

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If there is an attic in your home or a space with triangular ceilings, instead of wasting out the low height space under the ceiling,  transform them into leisure nooks by placing rugs and pillows. And being under a skylight, it can be the best place to enjoy the ambiance, especially during winters.

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Adding a bonsai or a lush green plant in a large pot creates a totally pleasant and an eye soothing experience. Pair some wicker chairs and a table with those plants and make the corner fresh and open. This encourages the juxtaposition of interior and outdoor spaces. Hanging plants are also an excellent alternative to potted ones.

contemporary living room


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