Awesomely Designed TV Units Steal The Show Of Any Living Room

published On Jun 06 2017

Awesomely Designed TV Units

The house is an interpretation of spaces and every space corresponds to a function that completes it. Every space in there is dedicated to a function ranging from public to private. Out of all the spaces be it extrovert or introvert,  there is a space which is most commonly used and that is the living room. The living rooms is an overall experience of the house and within the place, every element beholds a value. These values are expressed by firstly the built environment and secondly the series of entities placed within the built environment which comprises of the sofas, tables, chairs, accessories and wall systems, blended together. One of the most attracting features is the T.V unit which defines the design of a complete wall. Designing T.V units is a challenging task for it has to blend with the overall design of the living room. Some of the ways that guide us with  facts to be kept in mind while designing T.V units are as follows :


Keeping it simple and providing a minimalistic design is the new way of paving into a successful decor. For this simple ledge is the best option. The ledge provides multiple functions such as drawers clustered together and placed against the wall, on the floor. It is even capable of concealing the wires and is the easiest to install.

contemporary living room


TV units have always been an attraction of the house as they grasp a lot of attention of the viewer. To add more charm to these consider a simple ledge placed on the floor along with shelves across the wall. There needs to be a balance within the unit itself and this is created by providing some vertical units be it cabinets or simple glass modules.

midcentury family room


The Material plays a vital role in the aesthetics of the decor of TV units. There are a variety of materials available starting from wood to metal. Wood is the most commonly used material, has been used since ages to make things look more aesthetically traditional or exclusively contemporary. Wooden units steal the look of any interior. On the contrary metal, units provide an industrial look giving a lightweight, slimmer and lustrous look. A metal is more of the modern touch and looks great with glass shelving.

traditional family room


TV units are not just a place to place the TV but are an entity which is tried to be decorated so that it calls for attention. The open shelving system is a low maintenance and an affordable sort. Open shelving is best for a compact space. With ample amount of shelves its good for storing Set Top Box, DVD players etc which makes these a self-sufficient existence.

contemporary family room


There is a lot to think about this type as it is comprised of the wall that is to be designed. This type of unit is not just for placing a TV  but is a matter of improving the entire wall. If you have a large space at disposal this style is a clear-cut. To add elegance and variety to the wall, a bookshelf designed accordingly or minimal accessories can be incorporated adding a finishing touch.

contemporary family room


Open shelving along with closed units create a fantastic visual aura. Glass can be used to add to the charm. Well, balanced shelves both open and closed or glass filled unit with a T.V resting in between paves the way to a hutch like the design. The most important thing to keep in mind while doing this sort of design is lessening the visual weight.

contemporary living room

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