Incredible Living Room Decor Which Is Rich In Style & Books

published On May 29 2017

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Reading a book is merely not a reading for a reader who is deeply in velvet with a book and it’s each word. It is like a meditation for the reader. To achieve the apex of meditation one needs to have relaxing atmosphere, peaceful environment around. So, it’s the duty of an interior designer to provide the reader with such a place. What if reading gets complete relaxation and calm of living area? Definitely, meditation will be at its apex point soon. A living room does provide us that calm, relaxation and peaceful environment as soon as we enter our homes.  So combine and blend well the relaxation and enjoyment of reading by creating a stylish, compact yet royal book center/ library or study with your living room.


If you have enough of space or a full vacant wall then, what else can be better to settle up all your favorite books in it. Simply, create an open wall rack with stylish design, alluring arrangements to keep the books and enjoy your favorite reading. Merge up your book rack collection well with a comfortable, cozy sofa and not to be forgotten a stylish footrest or an ottoman.

full wall book rack

Image credit: Flickr/The 10 Cent Designer


It is actually not very important to lock up all the books on a cabinet or shelves. Play with geometrical shapes to make it look more dramatic, aesthetic, and impressive and let your eclectic collection of books reside their well. One might go for a circular shape, semi arch, hexagon, pentagon, square or a series of rectangle etc. It’s on you, how you decide to play with the shapes to make your living area cum book center look more fabulous.

geometrical shapes

Image credit: Flickr/ Jon Cooper


If you are actually running out of space to build up an individual book rack wall or shape then there’s nothing to worry about. If you have not forgotten, living room has actually a big appetite and it does accommodate lots of furniture inside its area. So simple, you just need to share up some furniture space for your books. Spare some of the television unit space for books. Let the visual entertainment give some space to meditation as well.

individual book rack wall

Image credit: Flickr/Bryan Adams


Yes, I am talking about some private place in your general living room area. One just needs to figure out a vacant area or a corner of a living room and simply restore it with some book racks and high back comfortable seating to enjoy each and every word of the room. You may even rug up that particular floor area for silent footsteps and to separate it from the living general zone. It will be a separation of the two zones, not a partition.

private space

Image credit: Flickr/Ashely

Adding a book rack, reading space or study zone to your living room will definitely boost up your incredible living room’s beauty. Remember, you are just not adding a good part to your living room but you are giving a new life and relaxation to your living room. Let the reading addiction not get loosen up by inappropriate spaces and disturbing areas. Meditate yourself well in best of relaxing atmosphere and no place can be better than the living room itself for that perfect reading.

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