Ceiling Guide- Everything about False Ceiling, Materials and Costing

Ceiling Guide- Everything about False Ceiling, Materials and Costing

False ceilings are interior design elements that can change the dynamics of the space through their design. Not only add the aesthetics of the space but also aid in concealing hideous wiring, pipeline, ducting, etc. These ceilings can be used to add a focal element to your space, introduce art, play with lighting, so on and so forth. Depending on the design of the false ceiling a tone could be set for the interiors. There is an array of materials that can be used to install the false ceiling. One can use a combination of materials to create an intriguing false ceiling. Following is our comprehensive ceiling guide, that talks about the concept, purpose, process, materials, costing, etc. of the false ceiling –

Understanding the Concept of False Ceiling   

False ceilings are faux, secondary or dropped ceilings that are suspended from the true ceiling through metal or wooden frames. They add to the aesthetics by the play of levels of surfaces. The minimum distance between the true ceiling and false ceiling is usually 8 inches. These are a versatile way to add drama and/or elegance to spaces. These can be installed for multiple purposes using various materials and finishes.

Living Room False Ceiling Design

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Purpose of False Ceiling 

In addition to adding to the aesthetics and concealing the services, false ceilings also aid in thermal insulation, soundproofing, better acoustics, ambient lighting and impeding fire damages.     

Styles of False Ceiling 

False ceilings can be designed in various styles –

  • Single Layered:

A single layer is consistently laid below the true ceiling. These do not overwhelm the spaces and go very well with the minimalistic decor. The minimalist style gives a blank canvas for ample effects and finishes.

Living Room False Ceiling Design

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  • Multi-Layered:

These help in breaking the continuity and monotony of the ceiling by adding a play of levels. These can be installed using a combination of materials and finishes to enhance the overall decor.  

Living Room False Ceiling Design

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  • Plus-Minus:

This multidimensional style is incorporated to create a ton load of drama by articulating the surfaces. These are a good way to add ornamentation to your ceilings. To be able to create an adequate effect, this ceiling is preferred for larger spaces.

False Ceiling Design

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  • Coffered:

Coffered false ceilings (just like a coffered grid) are composed of squares or boxes, thus adding to the drama of the space. This multidimensional style bestows an illusion of higher ceilings to the space. These go very well with backlit ceiling panels and ambient lighting fixtures. 

Have a look at Clever Design Hacks to Decorate the Low Ceilings to add a nice look to your spaces. 

Living Room False Ceiling Design

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Lighting in False Ceiling 

The aesthetic quality of a false ceiling can be enhanced with the help of various types of lighting fixtures to suit the design and aesthetic quality of the interiors. The various types of light fixtures that compliment false ceilings are - LED recessed lights, cove lights, gimbal recessed lights, flush lights, backlit panels, task lights and track lights.

Here is a ultimate guide on How to Instantly Brighten up your Living Room with Ceiling Lights

Living Room False Ceiling Design

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Pros and Cons of False Ceiling 

False ceilings however versatile, come with their set of pros and cons, which are discussed as follows –


  • These are easy to install and helps in achieving an overall smooth and consistent surface.
  • Gives adequate fire protection.
  • Provides thermal and sound insulation due to the cavity formed between the layers of true and false ceiling. It, therefore, helps in improving the efficiency of air conditioning.
  • Conceals the unpleasant sight of wiring and service ducts quite well.


  • The biggest disadvantage of false ceilings is that they can harbour pests, leading to a breeding ground for them.
  • Since it is also known as dropped ceiling, it reduces the overall height of the room, therefore the choice to install a ceiling should be given due consideration. 
  • While it conceals the services perfectly, it makes the detection of any issue in the services a little delayed.

Materials Used  

There are a lot of materials that can be used to install and finish the false ceilings. Depending on one’s budget and design aspirations, one can choose a material or combination of materials to create an interesting false ceiling. Some most popular materials that are used for creating false ceilings are –

  1. Wood or Timber
  2. Plaster of Paris (POP)    
  3. Gypsum Boards
  4. Perforated Gypsum Boards
  5. PVC
  6. Metal
  7. Glass or Mirror
  8. Fabric
  9. Fibre

Read Gypsum Vs. POP Which False Ceiling Material is Best for Home? to help you make your decision.

Process of installing a False Ceiling 

While the process of installation of the false ceiling might differ a little across different materials, the general steps are as follows –

  1. Marking and levelling
  2. Fixing or suspending the frame
  3. Laying the pipelines, ducts, wires (for electrical fittings), etc.
  4. Fixing the wire mesh over the frame (For POP ceilings).
  5. Attaching the panels of chosen material or spreading the POP slurry.
  6. Finishing through sanding, painting, wallpapers, texturing, etc.
  7. Fixing the lighting fixtures, fans and any other electrical fittings.

And Voila! There you have your false ceiling.

BedRoom False Ceiling Design


While all the aspects are important to lead you to a decision, one of the most vital factors to consider is costing. Costing can help in deciding the material, guide the design, finishes, etc. The overall cost of false ceiling is dependent on the following factors –

1. Area of the space

The overall cost of the false ceiling is dependent on the total area where the false ceiling has to be installed. The idea of the overall cost can be gathered from the per sqft cost.

2. Design

The complexity of design would determine the labour and time required to achieve the finished surface. Therefore, it is a primary element when it comes to cost.

This will help you to select the Latest False Ceiling Design Ideas (POP & Gypsum) for Bedroom and Hall

3. Availability and quality of Material

The easy availability of materials ensures no added cost of logistics. Therefore, one should check the local availability of material before choosing the final material. Moreover, the cost differs based on the type and quality of the material chosen.

4. Quality of work and Labour charges

Depending on the quality and finish that one wants for their false ceiling the cost can vary. For fine work, one needs to hire skilled labour, thus escalating the cost a little.  

5. Additional and Contingent costs

Like anything, the additional and contingent costs should be kept in mind. These could include the cost of fixtures, finishes, cutting, repair work, etc.

The average costing of false ceilings for a few materials are as follows –

Gypsum – ₹ 75 to 150 per sqft

Wood – ₹ 400 to 550 per sqft

POP – ₹ 45 to 120 per sqft

PVC – ₹ 35 to 80 per sqft

Glass – ₹ 450 onwards

Fibre – ₹ 65 to 450 per sqft

Fabric – ₹ 400 onwards (Will vary based on the fabric chosen)

Metal – ₹ 90 onwards

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* Please note that the cost mentioned is approximate and subject to change depending on current rates, location, dimension, design, brand considerations, the material chosen, etc. Cost is subject to change based on the region and availability. It is inclusive of material, labour and installation costs.

Living Room False Ceiling Design

This false ceiling guide touches upon the prominent pointers that one thinks about while deciding upon a false ceiling. The above article gives a peek into the world of false ceilings. If you are wondering whether you should install a false ceiling or not, this is a decision that you have to make. These highlights would certainly help you in taking decisions relating to the false ceiling. To wrap up, here are a few bonus tips for you –

  • Adopt designs that reveal the true ceiling partially. This can help in attaining one more level and make the room feel more spacious at the same time.
  • Play with a combination of materials to break the monotony and introduce drama to spaces wherever feasible.
  • Don’t go overboard with the design and finishes of the false ceiling. Try to create a synergy between the false ceiling design and the space design.

In case of any suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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