Use of Different Lights in a Bathroom can Make it Look Stylish

published On May 29 2017

contemporary bathroom

Bathroom for some of us is that part of our home which is peaceful, a place to relax and ease out dirt from both mind and body. Just because this is the smallest space in the house, it doesn’t mean it should be styled less and overlooked. Why not stylize and give yourself a spa and rejuvenating experience every time you enter your bathrooms. By adding interesting lights and creating an ambiance worth falling for, give yourself an experience of a lifetime as and when you walk into this petite space in your house.  Despite the natural light, these stunning artificial light ideas would make you want to visit the bathroom again and again. Stylize and add extra oomph to your modern bathrooms with these stunning bathroom lights:


The wonderful contemporary bathroom with beautiful and elegant lights are hung from the ceiling and catch the attention of many. These lights are soothing yet decorative at the same time. These lights play a part of spotlights along with having the properties of being a sculpture and decorative elements. They are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials from which you can pick the best suiting to the magnificent interior of your master bathroom.

bathroom pendant lighting


These lights scream out sophistication and beauty. Sconces are mounted to the walls wherever one desires them to be placed.  Use these lights above the stunning bathroom vanity, lighting up space near the mirror for you to feel good about yourself while you look in the mirror. Cut down on the darkness while getting dressed. You can pick up your favorite sconces light from a variety of shapes whether cylindrical, square or rectangular and from the type either them being translucent or clear for bright illumination.

 bathroom scones


These light fixtures are subtle and elegant, installed on the ceiling. Recessed lights look like twinkling stars on the ceiling lighting up the bathroom in every way possible. These lights come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Recessed lights can also be used as spotlights and can be mounted to the ceiling or false ceiling in different ways. The picture below shows how the recessed lights are mounted in the wooden false ceiling.

recessed bathroom lighting


Play with the mirrors of your bathroom and light them up with different lighting ideas. You can add strip lights behind the mirror or add tubular sleek light to highlight the mirrors.

bathroom mirror lights


The area between the cabinet and the sink or the sink cabinet and the floor can be made attractive and can be lit up by adding lights to the sink. The fixtures throw light on the floor or the cabinet making the cabinets stand out.

light underneath the bathroom sink


Big inverted lamps can be hung from the ceiling along with other lighting fixture to break the sleek and sophisticated monotony within the bathrooms.

bathroom hanging lamps


Give your bathroom a more rustic yet petite lighting style by adding wall mounted lamps on both the sides of the mirror where a mirror is the center of the beautiful lampshade fixtures. The lights can be used as the vanity illumination in your bathrooms. It would highlight the vanity, your mirror and other vanity accessories on the cabinets.

bathroom wall lamps

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