Amazing Outdoor Bathrooms Inspiration, You Will Gonna Love

published On May 22 2017

bathroom inspiration

To start a day or after a long tiring day usually we refresh ourselves and get started or relax, isn’t it! Bathing not only refreshes our mind and body but it also touches our soul and makes it more comfortable, energetic and calm. What if, we get a cool and calm bath nearby the nature? Yes, I am talking about exterior or amazing outdoor bathroom styling and design area. Normally we do have some porch area behind our home or a backyard or a small vacant space which we usually use for a sweet garden. Let’s just transform the vacant space or the backyard area into a wonderful amazing outdoor bathroom design to get the coolest bath that too in personal touch with nature. One just need to do the following to get the best of outdoor bathroom design


Since it is an outdoor and privacy is an essential element when we think of designing a bathroom so one need to barricade the area but “in style”.  Mold the exterior space or outdoor area into a semi-open bathing zone with the help of different design material according to your budget. You can use translucent glass, woods, bamboos, metal etc. according to your choices and overall design. Remember we need to barricade the area not to close it. Let it be semi open for the direct pleasure of nature.

modern patio


According to the area or space, we need to decide upon whether we want to install a bathtub or a shower will be decent enough to fulfill our needs.

asian bathroom


To accomplish your outdoor bathroom designing in a stylish and natural manner simply design it up with some rusty, natural or bold look. Use of natural stones gives it a bold and rusty look whereas; use of wood, few plants around and some greenery makes it closer to nature. Without that natural, rusty or bold look your outdoor bathroom design is incomplete.

rusty and bold look

Image credit: Flickr/Bamboo Indah


Merely just the installation of bath equipment’s, design styling and ideas etc. is not enough to get the best of amazing outdoor bathroom designs. Remember we are talking about relaxation and calmness. So, to repose or to laze we need to have a comfortable seating, couch or a spa bed around. Make it more special and unique with your favorite spa bed with a towel or recline chair.

tropical bathroom


Remember we are designing a bathroom not just an outdoor space to play or hang around. Few essential things are towel racks, hanging hooks, soap dish, grab bar, general illumination with some dramatic accent lighting etc. They may seem extra to you but they play a vital role to actually give your outdoor bathroom a complete look and touch.

contemporary bathroom

Let your outdoor space speak up the beauty of your design and styling. Make your weekends or evening more relaxing, playful and nice with the outdoor bathroom area. Get closer to nature get closer to relaxation without much of efforts and over cost.

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