Types of Wall Panelling and How much does it cost?

Types of Wall Panelling and How much does it cost?

Wall panelling is one of the practical ways to consider when you are thinking of creating a decorative wall, utility wall, conceal a worn-out corner or wires and equipment, creating a backdrop, etc. Wall panelling is a good option to opt for for the interiors as it provides enhanced durability. It is the best way forward to give your space a neat look. With so many material options available in the market for wall panelling, it can at times be an intimidating task to choose the one for you. A wall panel can alter the overall aesthetic appeal of a space and is a more durable surface treatment when compared with wallpapers. The following article discusses the types of decorative wall panelling that one can choose from for the interiors based on the materials and their concurrent cost –

1. Wooden Wall Panelling

Wooden panels are the most common material considered for panelling for a long time now. Even when one visualizes a classic set up the first thing that comes to our minds is a wooden panelled room full of elegance. A classic wood panel can be polished to the tones of wood according to the likings of the users. These add an air of elegance and charm to space.

Here we share a beautiful example on Bedroom Decor Tips With Wooden Themed Wall

Living Room with Wooden Wall Panelling

The wooden wall panelling can be made interesting in the present day with the options stretching across various adaptations of wood.

The types of wooden wall panelling that one can explore are –

1.1. Laminate and Veneer  

Laminates and veneers can be used to create an elegant focal point in space. The choices today are immense when it comes to colour, finish, textures and prints when it comes to aesthetics. The choice of the finish can alter the overall look of the space and impart a character as per the likes of the users.

Cost – Laminate: 250 per square foot

            Veneer: 400 per square foot

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Bedroom with wooden panelling

1.2. Wooden Panels

Wooden panels are one of the popular choices when it comes to wall panelling. The panels can impart a feel ranging from classical to rustic, elegant to ripped depending on the taste of the users. The panels can be arranged horizontally or vertically depending on the type of space, dimensions of the room, and the room's overall theme.

Cost – 150 per square foot onwards (depending on the type of wood and finish thereof)

Bedroom wall with wooden panelling

1.3. Board and Battens   

Boards and battens for wall panelling are other elegant choices to go for. It has been a choice for interior wall panelling for centuries. The advantage of this choice is that these impart a classy surface modulation, which if used rationally or creatively can create a factor of interest in the space. these can handle any finish, natural wood to a matte solid finish to a textured or a dual colour finish. To add in the panache one can choose to line the battens with nice beadings (with or without a contrasting accent).

Cost – 150 per square foot onwards (depending on the type of wood and finish thereof)

Bed Wall with wooden panelling

1.4. MDF Panels

MDF (medium-density fibreboard) panels have taken over the contemporary material market. This engineered wood is not only finding its place in home decor products but is also being favoured as a material for wall panelling. The material gives a lot of flexibility to explore decorative techniques such as laser cutting, embossing, engraving, etc. This is a very versatile material and can match any theme or achieve any look you desire. It can give in the essence of actual wooden wall panels. 

Cost – 160 per square foot onwards (depending on the type of finish and labour)

Bedroom Wall with MDF Wood Panelling

2. Mirror Wall Panelling

As we know mirrors in a space can elevate the ambience of the room completely. Mirrors help in adding volume to space due to the principle of reflection. These are ideal for panelling the walls of a small room, a passageway, or any such space that one wants to expand visually. While this is one of the easiest ways to panel the walls, it also gives you the flexibility to experiment with geometries and textures (etching, engraving, etc.). These will add an extra glow to your space when put in a space with exquisite lighting.

Tip: One can even add textured or tinted glass for wall panelling instead or along with the mirrors.

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Cost – 350 – 400 per square foot onwards (depending on the type of wood and finish thereof)

Bedroom with Mirror Wall Panelling 

3. PVC Wall Panelling                       

PVC is plastic-based material that offers high resistance to moisture and durability. The panels are mounted on a grid made of aluminium channels. These are available in various designs and offer 3D textured and patterns to decorate your walls with. These are versatile panels that can easily be used in any space including wet areas. They are gradually becoming a popular choice amongst wall panelling materials.  

Cost – 35 per square foot onwards (depending on the texture and dimensions)

Bedroom with PVC Panelling

4. Leather Tile Wall Panelling

Leather tiles are innovative, easy to install, and easy to maintain when it comes to wall panelling. There are a lot of textures and patterns available in the market for leather tiles. Wall panelling made out of leather tiles looks elegant and imparts a rich look to space. These can be used to cover complete walls or a part to create a focal element in the room.  

Cost – 350 – 400 per square foot onwards (depending on the quality and finish)

Leather Tile Wall Panelling

5. Upholstered Wall Panelling

If you are looking to turn your walls into a comfort pad or give a cosy feel, upholstered wall panels are perfect for you. The upholstered wall panels can be made using an array of materials ranging from natural fabric to synthetic, the likes of which are velvet, silk, brocade, jacquard, leatherette, etc. one can opt for the pattern and texture based on the personal likings and the overall decor language of the room. 

Cost – 200 per square foot onwards (depending on the type of fabric, quality, and pattern)

Bedrrom with Upholstered Wall Panelling

6. Concrete Fibreboard Wall Panels

If you are looking for a rugged or contemporary look, or if you are someone who adores the raw look of the materials, cement fibre board panels are the answer for you. The material is highly durable and has a great amount of structural strength too. The fibre boards can be mount on the walls or partitions to create a nice modern ambience. A material that suits an array of themes and moods.

Cost – 60 per square foot onwards

 Concrete Fibreboard Wall Panels

Photo by Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding LLC - More bedroom photos

7. Faux stone Wall Panelling

Stone walls are ethereal and add a warm appeal to the room. While these have become a thematic element in a space, wall panelling using faux stone panels is an easier option to achieve the look.

Cost – 250 per square foot onwards

Living Room Faux stone Wall Panelling

8. Sculptural Wall Panelling

If you want to create a nice sculptural and artistic wall, but do not want to get into any kind of onsite hassles, the best option to go for is sculptural wall panels. These are available in a lot of materials that can be carved or engraved using CNC machines. The patterns add an aesthetic appeal to your space making it more welcoming and artistic. The material, patterns, and colours can be chosen based on the theme you have in mind. The 3D element makes the wall a point of interest due to the play of light and shadow.

Cost – 1100 per square foot onwards (depending on the details and type of work)

Sculptural Wall Panelling

Photo by Fulcrum Studio - Search living room design ideas

The aforementioned are the types of wall panelling along with their starting costs, that can be considered to decorate your interiors. One can use these materials according to the look that one has in mind, overall cost, durability, and maintenance of the material. One can even attempt to combine two materials to come up with innovative decorative wall panelling.

Share your ideas and thoughts for wall panelling in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: Please note that the costs mentioned in the article are approximate and subject to change depending on current rates, location, dimensions required, design, etc. Cost is subject to change based on the region and availability. The costs mentioned are inclusive of material and labour charges. 

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