Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

12 Clever Built-in Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

Efficient storage space in our bedrooms is inversely proportional to the space of the bedroom. This is where we rack our brains to come up with ingenious storage solutions or hacks to make out more storage space in the limited bedroom area. With ample DIY options and inspirations to choose from one tends to get a little confident and confused all at the same time. Confident, because they can see it happening and confused, with the ample options available. To boost your confidence and eliminate your confusion, following are 12 clever built-in storage hacks for a small bedroom –

1. Build a Faux Plinth

One of the most interesting ideas is creating a faux plinth in your bedroom. A plinth that is a host for ample storage space. The top of such a plinth can host the bed or can be employed to create a study niche. The advantage of this built-in storage hack is that the area to be covered can be decided according to the storage requirements. Apart from the area factor, a faux plinth can be designed based on innovations and ease of use.    

Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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2. A  Bed of Drawers  

This is one of the oldest hacks in the book but works efficiently even today. A couple of drawers can be carved out in the bottom of the bed, creating a lot of space to store the extras. The best part about this hack is that the bed will conceal all the storage space and at the same time provide easy access to the things stored.

Tip – while going in for this hack, make sure to use good quality material and fittings. The base of the drawers should be of appropriate thickness to handle a load of your things so that it doesn’t warp over the years of use.   

Bed with drawers in a Bedroom

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3. A Stepped Storage Unit

Most often, we have a space on the sides of our bed. This space can be efficiently used by planning a storage unit there. Like in the following example, the storage unit can take a stepped profile, thus giving room for a headboard and also utilize the area up to the ceiling to store the things that are seldom required. The profile of the cabinet will help in utilizing every inch of the space. You can certainly be creative with the stepped profile with respect to the context of your bedroom setting.

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Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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4. Faux Wall for Storage

Another ingenious hack is to use one complete wall with cabinets. This hack not only adds to the storage space but also gives a seamless finish to the room. One can plan the faux wall of storage on the wall that has a door, to utilize the area above the lintel too. The added advantage with this hack is that the cabinets being on a complete wall will give a neat look to the space and can even act as a focal wall (depending on the design of the cabinets). The external surface of the cabinet can be designed according to personal likings, for which a lot of surface finish options in the market to choose from.

Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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5. Bed Amidst the Storage Box

If you are someone who can never get enough storage space, worry not, this hack is for you! One can make a box for storage in all three dimensions of a room, parallel to the floor, walls and ceiling. This will leave you with a cavity similar to the following picture. The cavity can house a cozy bed.

Besides, the various cabinets can have varied styles of accessibility. For instance, the ones along the floor can have drawers, the ones along the walls can have shutters or sliding cabinets, so on and so forth. Think out of the box and you will be able to make the most of this hack and give your bedroom a nice edge.

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Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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6. Create a niche with a cabinet

Consider creating a niche in a built-in wall to wall cabinet. This way you can make an additional resting space along with storage space. This hack will not only provide you with storage space but will also help in enhancing the aesthetic quality of your bedroom. The carved out niche can be a personal and intimate space at your disposal. This idea can help in utilizing the wall with windows effectively and efficiently.

Why waste when you can use it!

Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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7. Clever Headboard Storage

Storage spaces concealed in a headboard have been in use for a rather long time. One can innovate their headboards to suit their storage requirements. There is an array of options to use your headboard effectively for storage. The benefit of this idea is that it can seamlessly conceal your stuff at the same time be a designed element in your bedroom space.

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Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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8. Multipurpose Furniture   

When one talks about built-in storage, a piece of multipurpose furniture is a foolproof way to incorporate the same. A piece of furniture that plays a double role in your bedroom space can save a lot of space by decluttering the room. There are a lot of products available in the market that function as seating, coffee table, stools, etc. and at the same time have a well-planned storage space.

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Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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9. Carve Out a Mezzanine  

If you are someone who wants one separate room for storage, the best idea is to build a mezzanine for either the sleeping area or storage area. This way one can have a lot of floor area to provide for their storage. In fact, a single bedroom would double up literally to provide for all your functions and storage requirements simultaneously.

Tip - Be innovative with this approach but be mindful of keeping it breezy so that the setup doesn’t overwhelm you.

To give your small bedroom a big style, read here for ideas.

Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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10. Use the Negatives    

To make room for more storage, you can make use of all the negative spaces or niches in your bedroom. This can be done through floating shelves, space organizers or DIY projects. This way you would be able to effectively use already available space. The catch here is to identify these spaces and use them.

Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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11. Build a Bed Box    

This is a storage hack that we are all familiar with, but with innovation in materials and technology, the bed boxes have become more accessible and easier to use. The bed box can be designed depending on the requirements. Being a customizable hack and long lasting one at that, it’s a good idea to adopt even when we are not short on space.

Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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12. Storage Stairs    

One can plan a stair cum storage in a small bedroom. The advantage with this simple idea is that every step can be a separate storage area, in addition, can be used to access storage on higher levels. These can be planned in a way that creates an interest in the bedroom space. A simple yet effective hack.

Tip – if planning to get your cabinets or wardrobes done, you can definitely opt for a stepped profile.  

Storage Hacks for Small Bedroom

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These were 12 clever built-in storage hacks that I liked the most and think are workable for a small bedroom. These hacks will help in increasing the storage without ever compromising on the decor or space of your bedroom. Get inspired with these hacks to come up with perfect solutions for your bedroom. However, if you feel we can explore more such clever hacks for storage, then please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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