Bedroom Decor Tips With Wooden Themed Wall

published On May 19 2017

bedroom decor tips

Wood is a special kind of material that generates a warmth and natural beauty to the ambience of any place and when it comes to the bedroom, it definitely adds a very different kind of charm when compared to any other conventional style.

Wooden material is actually a failsafe staple for the decoration which can easily be mix and match with any kind of material like textiles, florals, pastels etc that gives the best possible results.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to help you use this material in Bedroom décor with wooden themed wall:


Most of the times, wood is used on the walls to give a rusty rich look to the bedroom. Here, it is mix matched with the floral kind of textile where the wooden article is put up on the wall that acts as a focus of the bedroom. Be very careful when you select kind of furniture to be used in the room while planning to give a rusty look to the room so as not to go beyond the theme.

rustic bedroom


It is not necessary that wooden material is used only for the traditional or rusty look, it could be used in contemporary themes as well. The Wooden theme is kept on the side wall of the bed and that too in a greyish shade which keeps an eye out for those normal brown shades that are generally used.

contemporary bedroom


Forget about using the wood on bed wall, when you can use it as a framing element of the picture. This gives a very clean look to the viewer just before entering the arena of the bedroom. The wood used here is totally in contrast with the other elements used. The overall look of the place is quite simple but this beautiful framing all around is actually enhancing the view.

contemporary bedroom


This is another way of using the material where you don’t have to put the wood all over the wall. It could even be used as a half paneling on all four sides or even on one side or as per the design. Also, some useful shelves could be created so as to try different styles in the bedroom that could enhance the overall look of the bedroom.

contemporary bedroom


The back wall of the bed isn’t fully covered with the wooden paneling so as to create a different sort of designing. The leftover space is used to make racks that may be used for keeping books or any antique item. The wooden themed wall is mix matched with wooden flooring that definitely gives a very classy look along with the minimalistic type of elements used in the entire place to give a very neutral palette to the place.

contemporary bedroom


The salvaged wooden planks are used to create a décor for the room that requires no heavy investment. The side racks are also made up of raw wood that totally goes with the overall theme of the room. This is the perfect example which shows that wall paneling is not the only way to use wood in the home décor. There could be different elements used that indirectly works as a wooden themed wall.

eclectic bedroom

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