Beautiful Examples Of Bedroom Accent Walls To Look Awesome

published On May 17 2017

transitional bedroom

That one perfect wall in any room that distinguishes itself from the rest of the boring and dull walls in the room because of its extraordinary features is what an accent wall is. This wall  is also responsible for the unbeatable thematic look of the room in a wallop way.

There are probably a lot of things, a lot of materials and lot of ideas to make any wall look pretty that it would easily break the monotony of the room. All these different types of ideas create different kinds of depth, visual interest, and character to the wall as well as the room.

Here are some beautiful examples of bedroom accent walls:


By simply painting one wall different from the rest of the walls so that it could be dealt as a highlighter of the room could make your bedroom look way too different and that too in the most inexpensive way and just by adding the antique pieces of a mirror gives the room a royal look.

contemporary bedroom


Wallpapers embrace your bedroom with a wide range of available variety starting from tones to patterns to textures to effects and sceneries and so on. This wallpaper easily merges with the surroundings without creating an over-stylish effect in the bedroom. Though the color scheme is maintained very beautifully but the concept of this wall is definitely acting as a cherry on the cake for this room.

farmhouse bedroom


The fusion of recessed wall and the wavy textures lends a sense of flair and sophistication to the room. The lighting effect that highlights the wall makes it a perfect kind of accent wall. White, the most dominating color in the room creates a peaceful ambience making it a striking feature of the room by creating its own identity along with the accent wall of the room.

contemporary bedroom


Black accent wall acts as a pop up for the overall color scheme of the room giving a dramatic look with those so called white frames. Always remember that the usage of dark color against the surrounding light color always creates the best focal point possible. The overall impact of such a dark colored accent wall is that it gives an unexpected warm-up to your space that hardly requires any highlighter such as lamps or wall washers.

Informal ideas creates fun


Greys represent beautiful results to the room in combination with the copper color and other dark colors along with the geometrical textures that are responsible for giving a virtual impact on the room. The lights are acting not just as a highlighter but an important part of the accent wall that completes the look of the wall which otherwise wouldn’t have been looked this beautiful.

gorgeous grey

Image credit: Flickr/Joanna Lopez


The vertical grooves on the wall are not just adding charm and beauty but creates an illusion of making a space look more bigger. It’s not just the grooves but the addition of wooden panel creates a very attractive impact on the overall look of the room  While adding vertical lines on the wall, don't forget to focus on the heights of furniture, draperies, and other decorative pieces so as not to disturb the scale of the room.

vertical lines

Image credit: Flickr/Amntpnn Kpyrnrk


The use of wooden panels not just gave the luxurious look to the room but a very different kind of charm and endearing quality as well along with some contemporary touch because of its surrounding furniture in the room.  Similar kind of material is used on both the flooring and the wall in a very cleverly manner, thus creating an awe - inspiring vision to the eyes.

royal feeling

Image credit: Flickr/Amntpnn Kpyrnrk


A very simple mundane room is converted to a very graceful room with the addition of recessed bookshelves acting as an accent wall for this room. This room actually makes you realize that it is not always that glitz and glam that enhance your room but a decent design too could easily do that too. The color scheme is chosen very cleverly with an intention of actually highlighting the accent wall.

simple is beautiful

Image credit: Flickr/Choi Lopez


Probably a very decent style of room with the usage of not those very expensive materials on the wall. The color scheme is quite expressive.The design of art creates an illusion of much larger space than the actual one because of the 3-D art used on the wall which let you completely lost in it. This completely breaks the monotony of all the light colors used in the room, thus letting a decent style look way too stylish.

Stylish design

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