Deck Up Your Balcony With These Stupendous Ideas

published On May 12 2017

Deck Up Your Balcony

Probably a balcony is the only space in your entire home where you could sit, relax and enjoy fresh air and beautiful nature. Therefore this space needs to be treated in a very beautiful manner so as to create its own identity with its own themes be it modern, traditional, contemporary and so on.

Here I present some of the stupendous ideas to treat the balcony starting from a wall to floor to roof to railing to furniture and a lot of those things


This contemporary kind of balcony is the new trend in the market of a balcony where space not only act as a balcony of the room but when the entire partition is pushed off, it also generates more space into the room itself creating a sense of openness. This is definitely the best hack for the places that lacks spaces. Make sure to add similar kind of materials to the balcony that you’ve already used in the room so as not to disturb the theme of the overall premises.

contemporary balcony


There are a lot of times when you need private spaces in the lap of nature and this is the best thing you could think of while completing the similar kind of desire. The nooks and corner are the major part of this style of a balcony where the privacy is made with the help of curtains. Decoration pieces and the greenery on the railing are definitely acting as a cherry on the cake.

eclectic balcony


Give a cozy and charm look to the balcony by adding lavish couches and another style of furniture pieces. The potted plants are placed to give a very natural look to the place and the feeling of being in a garden just by sitting at your own place. The color is chosen which is easier to look at and easily blend together. The overall ambience gives the feeling of a comfortable outdoor room.

contemporary balcony


This is simply what I call a beautiful kind of balcony where you have a traditional kind of furniture placed, pergolas instead of a roof and creepers instead of any partition or any wall. There is an ample space available for family gatherings, friends dinner and any such function that requires space. The overall decoration of the balcony isn’t very expensive but it still hits your eyes in the most pleasant way.

american traditional balcony


The patterns and the blingy colors are something I am personally in love with. Such a style of decorations actually cheers you up whenever you are in bad mood. The wall decoration with greenery here is actually the focal point of overall space that makes you realize the freshness and liveliness. Such accessories are the key element that completes the decorative look of any place. The patterned flooring is totally in accordance with the furniture used and this is where the total theme of place is resting on.

eclectic balcony


There are the times when you don’t feel like spending hefty amount but at the same time wants a very different style. This is the perfect example where all the decoration is done only with the potted plants and no extra antiques or other decoration pieces are used. Even the furniture used is very casual one but it’s just the colors that are highlighting the space too much extent. Nature plays a very important role in this example where you have to decide the type of plants to be placed very wisely.

mediterranean balcony

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