Bathrooms With Stunning Vanity And Bathtub, You Will Instantly Fall For

published On May 12 2017

bathroom vanity ideas

There were times when a bathroom consisted of just a bathing area and a basin but now is the era where people love to spend handful amount of money on their bathrooms just like any other room in the house. Such bathroom consists of a lot of elements and bathtub and vanity is one of those elements. The bathtub is something that definitely gives a very rich look to the bathroom and vanity is more than just a storage space.

Here are some of the tips of how the combination of both of these elements could work for a bathroom:


White is always in, no matter what. The independent bath tub is placed on the central point where both the floating vanity are defining it so very perfectly. The combination is definitely very much admirable. Overall, the ambience is quite peaceful and quite clear. The light enters the room very beautifully without letting any need of decoration pieces of lights.

contemporary bathroom


A lot of mix matches are defined in this design. The designer wooden vanity goes totally in a match with the marble basins. The large size of vanity with the mirror itself is a very charming feature of the overall bathroom. The bathtub is placed just in front of the vanity which results in the kind of corridor created for the circulation where beautiful patterned tiles are used.

contemporary bathroom


There is no wastage of space while keeping the layout of this particular bathroom. Modern style vanity is placed right in the corner created in the bathroom. Not to forget the leveled area with white tiles created to place the bathtub so as to define the position in the most beautiful manner.

farmhouse bathroom


This is more than just perfect. Very simple but very many luxuries. The two floating vanity are put right in front of each other which is acting as a frame for the viewer. The stand-alone bathtub is placed right in the center of the bathroom which is actually a point of focus for the overall design. The basins and the bathtub are the real play of circles and oval shapes which itself makes it very much different from those conventional rectangles and square shapes.

contemporary bathroom


It’s always good to be rich and it’s even better to be different. Forget those contemporary and modern all the times. This Spanish theme is definitely an awe stuck where you cannot get your eyes off. The shape of the bathtub is just so perfect which is totally going with the design of the vanity. The colour scheme goes with the theme so easily that it increases the charm of the décor.

mediterranean bathroom


There are no such rules to place the vanity and the bathtub away from each other. In fact, there are times when are so short of space and this is the example of how one should manage the space in those times. The white bathtub is totally matching the white décor of the bathroom but the vanity is totally in contrast which is also responsible for breaking the monotony of white colour everywhere.

contemporary bathroom


A rustic bathroom is always a good option when one is too much done with the whites and other light and bright shades. Rusty gives the rich look. The vanity is totally in traditional touch giving the place a very thematic look with no so-called over-designing thing. Also, the oval shaped bathtub is totally matching the theme and easily goes with the vanity. The placement of both these elements is done very carefully giving a very minimalistic kind of touch to the overall designing.

rustic bathroom

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