What Kitchen layout mistakes should be avoided

published On May 11 2017

good kitchen layout

The kitchen is the most wonderful and amazing space of every house. It not only fulfills our feeding needs but also gives us an inner happiness and satisfaction when we are done quite well with our eating stuff. But at times we do overlook after some of the kitchen design problems or layout mistakes. Commonly we call it as “common kitchen problems”. Few of them seem to be very minor but they do have a major impact on the person working in a kitchen. They not only disturb the normal procedure of work but also destroy the charming beauty of our kitchen design. To avoid them we need to look after these mistakes at the very first step of designing. Let your kitchen layout avoid and overcome these mistakes to get the best of kitchen designs.


In general, kitchen comprises of three most important elements and that is a gas stove, wash sink, and refrigerator. These three when placed properly in a kitchen we call it a perfect work triangle. If any of the above is missing from the kitchen then we are breaking the proper and normal work procedure and work triangle. Try to avoid placement of fridge outside the kitchen. Proper work triangle means quick and smooth cooking.

Kitchen Triangle

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At times we overuse or underuse the given area for the kitchen. Proper utilization of the space is more important than the overall area of the kitchen. And you need to revamp your kitchen decor with modern ideas. But at the same time not making it too messy by just imposing unnecessary and unwanted furniture, accessories etc. into it. Use the space properly with proper and smooth utilization techniques. Do not let the vacant spaces make it look over wide and big neither let mess it up with unwanted counters and stuff.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

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At times we do forget to give in a handful counter beside cook range and refrigerator to keep our stuff comfortably without making a mess of it. Either we place the cooking range at the corner of the slab or at the center with a very minimum vacant space at either side of cook range. A minimum of 2’6” vacant counter should be provided beside the cooking range. A minimum of 2’0X2’0” counter should be constructed beside the refrigerator area.

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Kitchen Designs

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Most of the time I have noticed kitchen suffering from lack of storage area. Cook slab, serving counter or working counter with over and under head cabinets are not sufficient to stuff in the things and accessories of the kitchen. Open racks with versatile storage space along with brilliant kitchen space saver ideas are required for the efficient storage space in the kitchen.

Kitchen Storage


Minimum of at least 2’6” to 3’0” gap should be between the opposing faces or side of two counter or cabinets. Less space means a direct mess up and an inconvenient working environment. At times even the improper placement of doors and windows also do interfere with the normal working procedure.

Kitchen Design Ideas

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A kitchen is an amazing place with magical efforts in it. To make it more wonderful, efficient to work in and magical we need to avoid these mistakes at the very first step of designing. Layouts are meant to prepare best of designs so, let the layouts give us best of designs and working spaces.

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