Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

published On May 09 2017

Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

What is modern architecture? Does it mean buildings with basic geometry? Is it the same as contemporary? Does it mean having latest designs and materials? Do modern, latest and contemporary mean the same?

These are the questions that pop-up in everyone’s mind who’s related to buildings, directly or indirectly. People have this unnatural love and fondness for modern buildings, but most of the times they don’t know how to define this love and fondness. This article might help you in expressing the appreciation in words. Well, let’s begin with defining modern architecture and understanding how is it different from latest or contemporary.

‘Modern Architecture’ refers to a historic movement that emerged in Europe and later spread to the other parts of the world during early and mid of 20th century which gained its popularity after the world war-II. ‘Modern’ here is not an adjective or proverb but indicates a particular style with a defined set of principles while contemporary, by definition is the architecture belonging to the present day and is flexible when it comes to its features and characteristics.

Let us have a look at the characteristics that people love the most about modern architecture:

Honesty to Materials

Steel, Concrete, Glass and Wood are the four most prominent materials used in modern buildings. By principle, modern architecture promoted the concept of truth and justice to the materials used and not ornamenting or plastering them with some other artificial material. What is inside should be reflected outside!

Material plays a vital role while designing building facade. Here are magnificent 7 Materials That Look The Best On The Facade

Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

The purpose is the Essence

This is a principle which suggests that the function is a key objective and drives the overall form of the structure. It indicates that the built space that we see is the result of the intended meaning or purpose behind that. As Louis Sullivan has rightly quoted in the words- ‘Form Follows Function’.

Here is a perfect example of Importance Of Form In Architecture

Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

Image credit: Pixabay

The best example of this principle is Guggenheim Museum in New York, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This museum resembles a ribbon getting unfolded depicting the movements of the people as they move around the art displays and galleries in the museum.

Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

Image credit: Flickr/Bobby Zucco

Simplicity to the core

Now, this is another interesting principle that makes people develop the natural fondness towards the modernist buildings. Simple is always sophisticated and is the greatest adornment of art. Talk about attire, talk about personality or talk about buildings, one can never be bored of simplicity. This is what Modern architecture emphasize on.

Yes, It's simplicity has made people to fall in love with Modern Architecture and here we say about Why People Love Modern Architecture??

Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

Image credit: Flickr/Carea Clndy

Clean and Crisp Lines

Most of the buildings promoting modern architecture would have strong and crisp lines. Lines, here indicate the prominent horizontal and vertical elements in a building plan or elevation.  An example to this can be Villa Savoye, designed by Le Corbusier, an architectural marvel of all time. Refer the images below, you’ll immediately be able to identify the sharp and crisp lines in the elevation. Modern Architecture favors linearity over the decorative or curvilinear geometry.

Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

Image credit: Flickr/August Fischer

Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

Image credit: Flickr/Verica

Less is More

This refers to the minimalistic approach to a building, no excessive ornamentation, no excessive elements, just a jinx of bare minimum elements driven by the function and aesthetics parallelly. Modern ethics say that minimal, cluster free buildings help in igniting the feeling of simplicity, peace, and stress-free environment which is very much needed for so-called ‘modern’ people.

Characteristics Of Modern Architecture, People Love

Image credit: Flickr/Campbell S

Honestly speaking, all of us have a natural relation and inclination for the buildings and their styles, just like we have for our clothes! There is an impression, a persona that every standing structure possesses. People who are residing in the building, or working in a particular building or maybe just passing by some building, do make a judgment or develop a fondness for its style and statement. I’m sure, the next time you come across a building, you’ll be able to tell what is the building trying to convey exactly and how ‘modern’ is it!

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