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published On May 09 2017

architectural thesis

Architectural thesis is arguably the most important milestone in the academic career of an architecture student. A unique design problem where the student has the flexibility to choose his own and address it with his own design solution. Ideally, thesis is supposed to be the best yield of creative effort in the entire course of study.   Almost every generation of students is in this dilemma as to what the thesis topic should be. One can have a look at some sublime reminders that might help you to consider a topic for your thesis.


After spending almost four years in an architecture school every student carves his or her own niche in the academics. We come to terms with what excites and what doesn’t, which building fascinates us and which one is just a filler. We develop a certain style of dealing with a design problem and know what are our strengths and weaknesses. So give this gut feeling a voice. Somewhere deep down we can gauge as to which kind of project has the potential to unleash our caliber and match our sensibility. You have the answer, you just need to have the conviction to finalize it.

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Academically it is the thumb rule number one. Taking up a real-time design project which is going to be built will snatch away any possibility to get harassed justifying your project. If not one has to do some real-time brainstorming to convince the juror validating the project. That apart, one need not work out on the requirements and the area estimation but just blindly follow the ones that have been listed out by the client. It’s like preparing for an exam when you have been given the important questions.

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It is always better to seek an advice. Consulting the faculty helps to get a perspective of the juror as to what is it that they look for in a jury and what are the aspects that should be considered for choosing the thesis topics. Catching up with the immediate seniors will help to figure out the issue a lot better. Their first-hand experience definitely helps you to look at what things to examine minutely before settling for a topic. A list of reference documents may also expose us to new ideas and outlook towards the project.


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The project selection and the solution will give an insight as to what we as architects would cater to the society in general. The building that we design shall have a role to play in the betterment of the people and that power should be used efficiently. Take a look at the requirements of people, see if any development around you needs an architectural intervention. Keep a track of the ongoing trends and you might just hit a jackpot.

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When we say genre it means the typology of the building project. It is advisable to avoid projects which are on urban level or lie in the similar typology. It may be a small but important reminder. Logically one needs to invest more time as the number of buildings increases and we are drained out of both energy & patience by the time we reach to the detailing or presentation part. Lesser the number of buildings, more efficiently one can focus on design and present the work better.

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