When You Dedicate A Living To Reading & Leisure

published On Apr 21 2017

Living Room Decor

Living room is actually the most lived-in room of the entire premises where you could spend your entire day. Not just this, but it actually gives the first glimpse of your house to the visitor. Therefore the living room has to be designed in the most special way starting from contemporary to traditional to modern to retro to classical and so on to give a perfect architectural statement to the space. Living area could be used in an ample number of ways starting from usual ways to unusual ways as per the requirements and style framed by the clients. Remember the more unusual, the better it is.

Here presenting some beautiful ideas to create a living area in both the usual and the unusual manner, which actually dedicated to Reading and Leisures:


A very informal style of living room with low height furniture is something that makes it quite different from the usual ones. This creates a very relaxing atmosphere in a perfect manner. The low height book rack is not only the place for keeping books but it also acts as a partition creating a buffer space in the existing space itself. Space is defined very cleverly. The ambiance of the living area is quite peaceful for the reader giving it a sense of calmness.

transitional family room


This is more like a reading space which is also acting as a living area for the home. Wood is used in the most beautiful way creating a very transitional space in the area. This image clearly indicates that this corner of the house is designed in a very different manner. The bookshelves are designed without wasting a single inch on the wall. The large windows let the plenty of natural light enters the area in the best way too. This is actually a very flexible kind of interior where the space could be used both as a library and as a living room.

transitional family room


The perfect combination of simplicity and minimalism without creating any clutter for the viewer. Modern style furniture and designing are the major characteristics of this space giving it a sense of perfectionism with no unnecessary details and decoration all at the same place. The peaceful and soft colors are actually acting as a cherry on the cake for making it as a perfect picture with a very versatile and practical interior.

contemporary family room


It’s not always the modernism that makes your things look better. Always remember that classical style never goes out of fashion. These beautiful details and decoration further add charm and glamour to the décor. The monochromatic color scheme of the theme gives the clean and crisp look. The reading space is kept in a corner without letting the books create any dominance over the area with the perfect lighting effect over the same corner.

american traditional living room


The very clever way of designing the accent wall without using any wallpaper, graffiti or paints etc. The accent wall which is actually a form of book rack. In totality, there are different kinds of areas created in the single space such as the reading space, the corners, the table chair, the relaxing chairs and all those things is the perfect example of how a single space could be used in multiple ways with those beautiful contrast of colors and materials.

modern living room


Not very spacious living area, but the book rack on the back is creating a focal point of the space. The kind of furniture placed is adding a pinch of modernity to the scene with the patterned curtains and carpets. Simple forms and simple accessories define the space in the most stylish way.

shabby chic style living room


You definitely don’t require the defined spaces and the defined materials and the defined colours all the time. Sometimes all-in-one plays the best trick. The living area, the dining area, the open kitchen are placed altogether without creating any clutter. Even though there is no match of any space with the other one but this kind of place creates the real modern interior with beautiful pieces of furniture. The LCD cabinet is surrounded by the books everywhere where the LCD itself is acting as a focal. The relaxing chair placed just near the same corner that characterizes the spaces in predominant contemporary manner.

contemporary kitchen

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