How To Achieve Dreamy Bedrooms That Will Make Your Guests Feel Warm And Comfortable

published On Apr 21 2017

Dreamy Bedrooms

Bedroom is that place where one tends to spend most of their time as compared to any other space in a house. A lot of thought should be put while designing a bedroom for personal use or for guests. This is the room where one relaxes and recharges. The décor should be such that it instills calm and tranquility in the inhabitants. The dreams and fantasies that one conceives in the room should be reflected upon with the help of the décor of the room. Dreamy bedrooms are one of the styles to opt for. In the following article are ideas and elements that could be incorporated in order to achieve dreamy bedrooms, which would instill a warm and comfortable feeling in the users

Dreamy bedroom
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Colour Palette

When it comes to the dreamy look, one needs to be clear about the kind of feel one wants. For instance, whether it is a warm feel with the use of neutral palette or a vibrant and young feel with the help of bright and vibrant colours, that one wants to incorporate. One can even opt for an all-white palette, to live the feel of serenity and warmth.

eclectic bedroom

american traditional bedroom

Theme – Live your dream

To build up a dreamy bedroom it is imperative to decide on a theme. If you have the picture in your head it is easier to achieve it. The theme could range from that of a famous fairytale to a rustic one; from a fantasy to that inspired from a period.

live your dream

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rustic bedroom

Build that canopy

The canopies over your bed are a perfect way to transform a bedroom into a one straight out of a dreamland. Use white chiffon fabric with some lighting accents to accentuate the look. Install a canopy in your bedroom and live the dream that you always wanted to.

american traditional bedroom

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Wall Paper or the Accent

It is easy to bring in the dreaminess quite aptly with the right choice of the wallpapers or the elements of the accent wall. Choose the one, which goes with and portrays your theme well.

american traditional bedroom

Look Up - Ceilings

Ceilings are one of the most ignored yet the most observed part of our bedrooms. To create the dream and follow the theme, one can embellish the ceiling of the bedroom with some favorite scenes, artificial night sky, UV treatment, so on and so forth. Go ahead and decorate the ceiling, as it is the only thing you seen when lying down on your comfortable bed.

american traditional kids

Create the Magic with Lights

The easiest way is to add small lighting fixtures and candelabras turned chandeliers to the room. To add on to the twist of the dreamland add shimmer of lights to the room. The lighting fixtures can be installed with mood sensors, which sync the lighting of the room according to the mood of the user.


Fairy Lights

Just to add in the dreamy factor, add fairy lights to your chiffon drapes or dead tree branches, or simply weave them onto a picture frame. The presence of fairy lights in any form instantly brings the dreaminess to the space. Apart from adding a nice factor to the space, they also help in lighting up the space warmly at night.

Mesmerizing String Light Projects
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Dreamy Drapes

Go in for drapes according to the theme. For a niche and dark feel go in for heavy fabrics; which do not let light penetrate through. For a light and airy feel go in for translucent and light colored fabrics. One can even experiment the different styles to drape the curtains.

american traditional living room

Carve out a Reading Nook

Try to find a corner or a window that can be turned into a reading nook. The presence of a reading nook helps in living up to the dreamy look. Embellish the nook with quirky lighting fixtures or night stands, loaded with throw pillows, and a thick layer of curtains. To add on to the feel choose a comfy chair or make a ledge next to the window. Surround the nook with books to get the look right.

tropical family room

Luxury at it’s best

There is nothing more comfortable than a royal bed with an upholstered headboard, silk sheets and a nice chandelier on the top. Invest in your own portion of luxury by adding in these elements alongwith nice side table lamps and wall fixtures to enhance the dreamy effect. Also, go in for metallic and golden tones and accents to achieve the perfect look. To experiment one can go in for periodic décor such as Baroque based elements.  

transitional bedroom

Make it Large

Apart from the adding on elements, the focus should be on making the room breathable. The room should look open and spacious and not like a rat hole. Be cautious while adding elements to the space. Add mirrors on a wall and light tones of colour to enlarge a room.

american traditional bedroom

Match it

Try to create a harmony among the furniture pieces by means of colour, texture and style. The last thing you want is a jumble of varied styles in a perceived dreamy bedroom.

Beautiful room

Vernacular Chic

One can decorate the bedroom in a manner that it resonates with the local culture at the same time brings in the dreamy quotient to the space.

deogarh royal suite

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Dreamy holds a different concept for each and every individual, but, there are certain elements which appeal to everyone as dreamy. While creating one’s dreamy cocoon, one should not forget to place everything in a balanced way. May be dreamy, a bedroom is just like a cocoon, and should solve the purpose of providing the user with desired relaxation, warmth and comfort. The space can be converted into as dreamy a space as one wants with the help of these ideas and a little hands on creativity.

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