10 Inspirational Home Bar Design Ideas For A Stylish Home

10 Inspirational Home Bar Design Ideas For A Stylish Home

A stylish home decor is all about incorporating every little detail to its taste of those who live in them.

When it comes to creating a place that is perfect in every sense, the likes of gaming rooms and media rooms to be is an absolute must. In this, a new popular addition to that lineup is the cool home bar which is becoming more famous than before.

So why to go to an expensive bar and restaurant and have fun when you can have it all at your own residence?

home bar

The home bar designs add values to homes and beauty. They can be inspired by various wonderful themes, styles, materials, textures, colors and create very intimate and meaningful, pleasant and comfortable place with some neon lights, rustic woods, and artworks on walls.

Most popular home bar furniture includes a home bar cabinet with bar stools, storage and adjustable shelves for wine glasses and bottles. Bar table tops have surfaces that are waterproof and heat resistant which makes it very convenient and functional.

It is a place for relaxation and socializing with friends and family.

1. Home Bar - Make your Basement Bar shine

Basements are very private and dark spaces of a home. But you can create a beautiful basement bar which requires some creativity and strategy to make space feel bright and inviting. Most basements are low in height so you can play with your basement bar designs with some rustic touches, exposed brickwork and raw wood which make it a cool basement bar.

contemporary home bar

2. The Bar Cabinet - Transforming a Closet into a Stylish Bar

In this closet space has been transformed into a very rich and stylish bar. The designer has given everything in this cabinet from a chilled wine and beer refrigerator to slots for wine collection with attractive glass display and the dark wood finish makes it effortlessly beautiful.

Or can you can make a hidden door in the beautiful living rooms which opens to a closet-size- serving bar.

bar cabinets

3. Add a Splash of Color to your Home Bar with glowing neon lights

The bright and glowing neon lights not only are playful decorative accessories for home bars but also draw the extra attention to the bar. As for this one, the elegant white bar which is the perfect example of a contemporary living room bar is gaining more attention because of its blue cabinet lighting.

contemporary home bar

4. Bar Furniture - For the rustic and yet classic look

Natural texture emphasize beauty and stone has the ability to look rustic and warm and yet still structured and chic or you can also have an awesome home bar encased in stone.

Home bar

Image credit:Flickr/walls auto

bar ideas

5. Bar Design - A Cart of Drinks

Bar carts make your life easier. Bar carts are totally in style and look great with any decor. Your bar cart is not only functional, but it is a fashionable way to display your gorgeous bar accessories. This beautiful design bar cart not only holds an ice bucket but it also has built-in wine rack and storage for glasses on the underside of the top shelf.

You can add beauty to such carts by adding a lamp to illuminate at night and even a small plant.

bar cabinet furniture

6. Bar Ideas - Add more fun and entertainment into your bar

By adding a game room with your bar makes it more exciting and offers a great pleasure to be entertained at home. They also add a visual treat to the room and you can always invite your buddies for a fun time. For large spaces, you can add some gaming machines and a pool table or you can just simply add a dart board surround crafted out of wine corks.

home bar

Image credit: Flickr/Gene Tam

bar cabinet

7. Bar Set - Go for White

White subway tiles add a distinct style to the bar and the colorful bottles are really all the ‘pop’ of the color needed here. The warm wood and the feel of industrial bar chairs make it all perfect.

bar cabinets

8. Bar Set Furniture - Luxury at its best

For large spaces or specially designed bar room, you can always add some unique feature or some extravagant detail that can give an extraordinary look to it. One elegant way to accomplish this is to use recessed lighting in the ceiling, especially above the counter or the wall trims of a single wall home bar area.

bar design

9. Bars For Your Home - Exquisite use of Color and Décor

A perfect combination of color and décor in the home bar gives you a splendid result. This is a large bar room plus game room and the special thing about it is the custom-made cabinets and carved bar stools with a perfect display of wine bottles.

bar cabinet furniture

10. For the outdoor lovers

Adding an outdoor bar brings an interesting and beautiful ambiance to the space. It makes your outdoor life more fun. At the end of the tired day at work, it gives you a good place to have a drink and be relaxed. You can even plan to get together at weekends.

They are pretty less expensive than those luxurious bars. For the outdoor you can use table or carts decorated appropriately or even you can go for barrels.

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transitional patio

Lastly, you can opt for a design that fits your house best and then fills it with the best exciting delights of your choice.

Lastly, take a read of the most important What are the Things to be Kept in Mind While Buying Living Room Furniture?

And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel



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