Sparkling Ideas To Brighten Up Your Spaces

Sparkling Ideas To Brighten Up Your Spaces

Spatial quality is important in lending a character to our homes. It is often that we find ourselves wanting to brighten up our home by trying different DIY’s or buying new furniture! But that may or may not work. If you really want a change and upgrade the quality of space in your home, read the different ways that will definitely work to add the extra factor. You don’t have to follow all the ways given below. Depending upon the size and existing spatial quality sometimes only one small change can give a dramatic effect. Try what is best for you and get your dream now!

american traditional living room

1. Walls

Walls are the easiest way to change the overall look and feel of your space. Although, changing the wall finish can be a costly and time-consuming factor but remember it is only one time investment and will last for a long time. If it has been too long and you’re looking for a major change, or if you have dull walls - then it is time for you to play with your walls. Currently, there is a huge variety of finishes available in the market. The most common one being paint followed by wallpapers, stone/brick/tile cladding, etc. Starting off with paint- there are solid colours, texture paints, art inspired wall paints among others. You need to decide the colour palette as per your room size and lighting. White is a forever favorite, but the new market trend suggests a lot of earthy and natural colours in vogue. Green is emerging as a hot new favorite in the interior design industry. Wallpapers add an artistic feel and improve the aesthetic quality of space. Nature-inspired patterns are fast hitting stores. You can also check out the art inspired wallpapers, but be sure to use furniture and decor wisely with them to create a perfect balance in the room. Cladding with stone, wood or tiles is usually preferred on one wall with solid paint on other walls to avoid visual clutter. Natural finish marbles, printed tiles, finely grained laminates are favorites. If you want to experiment with new materials, then cork cladded walls are a major hot trend catching up in the market.

contemporary living room
contemporary living room
eclectic corridor

2. Light

Windows are a major game changer for a room design. Not only do they provide with daylight and ventilation but also increase the depth of space. Your area would seem bigger and brighter automatically if you highlight the windows in your room. The curtains can also help in highlighting the windows. Potted plants near windows also lend a pleasing vibe to the room and improve the spatial quality drastically. In the case of absence of windows, opt for light fixtures and place them strategically. Apart from study rooms, use diffused lighting in other rooms to create a cozy environment. Beautiful light fixtures work both functionally and aesthetically. Avoid too much artificial light as it will cause glare. Research has proved that dim warm lighting helps us to relax, so select lighting fixtures as per room requirements.

contemporary family room
eclectic living room
farmhouse kitchen

3. Furniture & Accessories

No room is complete without furniture and accessories. They are small changes that help in creating the overall look. The key in buying the furniture is that it should help in creating the perfect space. All elements in a room should strike a perfect balance. Try to visualize a space, search for items that complement or contrast (depending on the theme) and then create a look. Anything from rustic, ethnic, eclectic to minimalism it all can be modified with the furniture and decor items.

eclectic dining room
contemporary sunroom
midcentury living room

Just keep in mind the vibe and look you want in your space, and you are not far from creating the perfect dream home!

midcentury family room


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