Bedroom Decor To Welcome Spring With A Touch Of Green

published On Apr 19 2017

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Spring is already here, with all its vibrancy and colour! This is the time to celebrate the new season with a new makeover of your personal space. Bedrooms are usually never updated as often as the living rooms, mainly because people don’t like to experiment with their bedrooms. But let that not be the case this season! We are going to kick ass this new season with a pop of green in the bedroom decor. Yes! GREEN is the colour hitting this season like crazy. You can work with any shade ranging from lime greens to emeralds. It is all the rage, particularly the darker shades of green. Before i cover up the ways in which we can do that, keep in mind the size of your room, the light and the existing layout! They are crucial points and will play an important role in deciding the colour of the room along with decor items.

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The best way to create an impact is to highlight the walls. Instead of colouring all the walls, go for a highlight wall. You can work on this wall in exciting ways. There’s texture paint, wallpapers, and wall tiles. They can be used in a solid shade or two tones, but giving a bit of depth to the wall really creates the drama. There are a lot of ceramic companies that have released a new collection of textured tiles. If used judiciously, they can help create an edge. Remember to never over-do with anything like textured tiles. The idea is to create an element of interest, not distress!

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There is a classic taste to green and white, and using natural materials for example wood or cork can create a vibrant ambiance.

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This is definitely a must have. Spring is the season of blooms, so bring in that energy to your bedroom. Choice of vase and plants is the key factor. If you’re looking for a modern edge go for a glass vase with clean cuts and minimal detailing, excessively ornamented vases go if you have an of space and want to give a luxurious feel to the room. Other options for potted plants include ceramic, terracotta and metal. Choose them depending on the look and feel of the room. Now coming to the plants, the all-time favorite indoor plants are aloe vera, asparagus fern, snake plant, English ivy, fiddle leaf fig, staghorn fern, peace lily, golden pothos, spider plants and string of pearls plant. It is relatively easy to maintain them, however, you need to ensure that they are kept around an opening. Apart from these plants, you can also bring in the flowering plants, but since they are usually a little bit high on maintenance they are not preferred.

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And finally to the easiest way of getting all the green in your room. The furnishings! We are talking about drapes, carpets and rugs, bed coverings and other furnishings. If you’re looking for small changes, opt for coloured cushions in different variations of green. Art-inspired prints are hot in the market these days. Rugs can also accentuate the room, it is advisable to opt for a darker shade for rugs since it would be easier to maintain.

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american traditional bedroom

Spring is an amazing time of the year! Let us get all the sunshine and happiness in our rooms!

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