9 Cool Bedroom Ideas Teenage Boys that will Blow your Mind

published On Apr 12 2017

American traditional Kids

TEENAGE”- The reason behind putting these words in commas is pretty obvious because this age is something we all have been through, probably the time when one could discover his choices, his ideas, his hobbies, his thoughts and all those things and this is the time when the little one (now a teenager) starts demanding his own place which he could actually call his own.

Trust me, there are no rules for designing a teenage boy’s but it’s not even that easy to design, but here I present some of my coolest ideas that will probably give you some direction before you start designing one:


Adding a pinch of sharp colours such as red can actually highlight the room giving it a sense of its own identity with the usage of the same colour of furniture and let me clear it once again that red is not always meant for girls and THE FERRARI makes it pretty much clear and doesn’t require those lengthy explanations. So make your boy’s room look classier and more stylish.


transitional kids


A very fresh interior with the use of some vivid colors. Spaces are designed very cleverly keeping in mind the shortage of space and the demand of requirements from the client as well. The natural light enters the space even more cleverly at both the levels. Colour scheme is kept very simple and very calm so as to make the room functional and stylish.

transitional kids


The total focus of the room is kept on the accent wall by using not-too-much of colours. The accent wall is kept in a unique manner by not using a continuous poster but panels that break at a regular interval making it look even more stylish for any teenage boy who could flaunt his space in the coolest possible way.

american traditional kids


Not all teenage boys prefer those hunky funky things, there are some who are way too sophisticated in terms of their choices and nature. The browns are prefect for such guys along with some sophisticated interiors and minimalist furniture. The lighting effect is kept very subtle that totally merges with the interior décor.

transitional bedroom


Graphics on the wall, theme oriented decoration and of course the unique style of the roof makes it totally a dynamic teenage boy’s room. Being not so modern in nature, the chandelier and the door and the furniture gives it a more traditional look.

american traditional kids


A room for a teenage rockstar that gives a very casual look by simply placing all the elements in a very casual way so as to give it a very cool look for a cool rockstar who never believes in cleaning mess all the time. The traditional painting on the wall acts as a focal point by simply acting as a highlighter on the wall and creating its own identity in the overall room decor.

eclectic kids


The contemporary look of the room is the best thing that could be done to a teenage boy’s room. The black accent wall in the form of the blackboard is the best part of the room with the lots of open storage on the left side and black stylish curtains on the right side complete the room in a contemporary way.

contemporary bedroom


Bedroom featuring an artwork and subtle accent colours with chic decorations. It has an overall cozy and inviting décor for a teenager who is totally in love with thematic spaces with the combo of vintage and modern details. Very cleverly space saving interiors and use of sophisticated colours to make space give some overall nautical look.

coastal bedroom


Such a wild and crazy graffiti definitely add charm with the help of amazing color palette to the room for any art lover teenage. Though the rest of walls are kept quiet peaceful when compared.Overall the ambiance of the room is actually fun decorations with minimalist furniture

contemporary bedroom

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