Bright Colorful Kitchen Designs To Fall In Love With

published On Apr 04 2017

Bright kitchen colors

Kitchen is heart of every home. We all settle down for shades and tones of white or subtle wood textures when we have to design our kitchens. If you have a playful mind and would want to explore the idea of a colorful bright kitchen, throwing away the norms of the safe color schemes then here is bunch full of ideas to break the simple subtle color schemes of the kitchen.  Take your heart from bland to the bold.


Red, most people freak out of this color but this bold and sultry color takes a total hit when used in the kitchen. Cover your cupboards with the shades of red and team it up with lighter furniture. Keeping the flooring and the backsplash light, mix the red color with the basic grey and browns.

Bold looks of red


Designing your kitchen with this peaceful and pretty shade of blue will grasp the attention of anyone. This colorful summery yet bright idea to the kitchen would make this area of the house lively and calm at the same time. Team up this not so common shade with white or beige furniture and give a cool summer bright look to your kitchen.

Tranquility in Baby Blue


This color is full of vibrancy and the décor of the kitchen with this color would shout out for smiles. You can play with the interiors of the kitchen by using the furniture and the accessories of other colors like blues, greens and adding extra excitement to your kitchen.

Life in Yellow


If you plan to stick to the classics of the furniture color but desire to add the flamboyance to your kitchen design, then paint the walls with the refreshing bright lime green color.

Walls speak with lime green


Brighten up your kitchen with the uncommon colors like purple and add white pendant lights along with wood textured furniture. You can go for different furniture shades from beige to dark browns from white to cream color.

Not so common Purple


Bright colors like green on the floor cut down the stereotypes of the typical flooring colors. Apart from green, other striking colors can be explored to and give a completely bold and rich look to your kitchen.

Splashing bright green on floor


Be colorful and use them together. Painting your kitchen features with your favorite color palette would make this space stand out among the rest of your house spaces.  Add the vibrant and bright colors to the door, door frames, windows, cabinets and furniture.

Mix colors

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