Affordable Ways To Make Your Living Room Feel Cozy

Affordable Ways To Make Your Living Room Feel Cozy

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The living room is a space where one relaxes after a day’s long work, where, one looks forward to spending time with family and friends. This space is a clear reflection of its users. Coziness factor can be introduced into space by means of inexpensive and doable methods. One need not spend oodles of money to give a space the cozy feeling, the love it demands. Simplest of changes can help in creating large impacts. In the following article are discussed affordable ways to “Cozify” your living rooms-:

Beautiful Living Rooms - A Wall Full Of Curtains

The presence of fabrics brings in the coziness factor quite easily. The curtains, when hung across a wall or window, bring in a cozy effect by creating a visual interest. This is an affordable and an instant way to cozy up to the room. Curtains help with adding texture to space, which adds on to a cozy feel for the space.

Beautiful Living Rooms

By CityLoft Juarez - More contemporary entryway

Accent Wall - Down The Memory Lane OR Photo Corner

Try adding photos in the living room interior wall, as the mere presence of the family photographs adds a certain level of comfort in the room. There are umpteen ways one can add photos in the room. One can go in for an unorganized collage of picture frames, or a string holding photos in Polaroid format. Be creative with the memories and make your living room feel cozy by creating an accent wall.

Living Room Accent Wall

Photo by Verge Painting & Siding - More home office photos

Comfy Nook In The Living Room

A personal nook is a must for a comfy feel in a living room. It becomes a space where one can snuggle up, read or do whatsoever one wants– a space that is private yet personal. A nook can be created simply by installing a hanging chair or placing a seat between two walls or two cupboards. To enhance the feel, the nook could be loaded with lots of throw pillows, cushions and blankets.

Living Room Design

Photo by J Visser Design - Search kid's room design ideas

Best Living Room Colors - Paint It Dark

Giving a room a touch of coziness, the most affordable way is to paint it. The living room color schemes instantly helps in achieving the desired makeover. One should go in for darker tones to make space feel cozy and inviting. Though the dark color adds in the factor of coziness, one should be careful to maintain the balance by adding in tints of the color used or colors conforming to lighter and neutral pallet.

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Best Living Room Colors

Photo by Heather Garrett Design - Search living room pictures

Accent Rugs - A Touch Of Weave (Carpets/Rugs)

Addition of carpets and accent rugs in a space gives a feeling of ease. The soft finishes help in achieving the cozy feel. One should invest in a nice carpet or rug and throw it along the sofa or floor pillows. This helps to create a relaxing environment, which automatically flows into the cozy feel of the space.

Accent Rugs

By J&S Designer Flooring Morristown - More contemporary home office

Light Fixtures - A Clumsy Lit Up Corner

Clumsiness at times is a welcome way to impart effects and feel to a space. Clumsily adorn a corner with fairy lights or assorted lighting fixtures, this helps in bringing the desired warmth and ease to the space. The light fixtures could be just random items turned into light sources or a bunch of bulbs hanging clumsily.

best lighting for living room

Photo by Elena Calabrese Design & Decor - Search dining room pictures

Best Lighting For Living Room

Apart from specific corners, the entire space can be done with warm white lights, which automatically makes the space more welcoming and cozy. One should try to avoid hanging overtly heavy fixtures, as they create a visual imbalance in the space. Even a balanced use of paper lanterns or mosaic lanterns does the trick.

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Living rooom lighting

By Mayra Roubach Photography Key Biscayne - More transitional living room

Contemporary Living Room Decor - Flowers

Flowers are always inviting and soothing. Keep a bunch of fresh flowers to add a charm to the room. Flowers instantly livens up the room and helps to bring in calm to the users of the space. Apart from the visual beauty, flowers also act as room perfumes, by spreading in the aroma in the room.

Living room flowers

By J Design Group - Interior Designers Miami - Modern Coral Gables - More contemporary living room

Living Room Design - A Touch Of Concrete And Wood

Both wood and concrete are materials that bring in warmth to the space. One automatically starts feeling comfortable and cozy as they enter a space that has been decorated with wood or concrete. These materials are expensive but with smart applications and techniques can be used in an affordable manner. Similarly, the concrete finish can be attained by applying a layer of the material onto the finished surfaces.

Living Rooms

Image credit: Art Ann

Home Decor Accessories - Aromatic diffusers

Aroma is the way through the nerves, and, when the nerves are at ease the feeling of coziness seeps in spontaneously.

Home decor accessories

Image credit: Flickr/Changeiam

Living Room - Affordable Partitions/ Space Dividers

Partitions come in varied types these days. One needs to be creative to come up with affordable partitioning system. Partitions can help in creating personal nooks when required and can be removed when one requires a larger space. Umpteen ways and materials can be used to create affordable and nice partitions, which can help impart a cozy feel to the space. For instance, colorful beaded threads, puppets are a way to add color and comfort to the space, at the same time these provide character to the space. Similarly, partition cum bookshelves can be designed to solve the dual purpose.

Space dividers in living room

Image credit: Mark Montano

Throw Pillows For Living Room Sofa

Throw pillows or cushions when put in a large number, help in creating a nice space with a cozy vibe. The pillows can be decorated according to the personal taste of the user. This is a fine and affordable way to achieve the desired look. One should be experimental with the color and texture of the pillows. These pillows automatically add a factor of warmth to the space.

Living Room Sofa

Photo by Cathy Phillips & Co - Search contemporary living room pictures

Induce Colour

To give the living space a cozy feel, the easiest way is to induce as many colors as possible in a balanced way. Play with the colors for all the elements of this personal private space.

Best Colors For Living Room

Photo by Avocado Sweets Design Studio - Look for eclectic living room design inspiration

A nice and cozy living space can be easily achieved without spending bags full of money. One needs to keep their eyes and thinking boxes active to tap every opportunity to make the best out of the minimal means available. Ingenious methods, when incorporated, can help achieve nice, warm and cozy living room. The incorporations should be made in a way that the living room carries on the concept of a public-private space. One should go ahead and experiment with the materials to liven up and cozify the living room. While doing so one should remember a simple fact – ‘keep it simple yet cozy and classy’.

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