Rejuvenate Your Living And Dining Area With Amazing Furniture

published On Mar 17 2017

Rejuvenate Your Living And Dining Area With Amazing Furniture

To rejuvenate is to look better and younger. A family living and dining areas are the spaces where memories are created. Therefore, the spaces need to be revamped and revitalized from time to time in order to bestow it a better look. These days, people look for the current trends in the market and keep updating their living spaces to give them an amazing look. Like a space, the choice of furniture is also a reflection of the users. Following are a few ways in which the process of rejuvenating the living and dining spaces can be done by means of amazing furniture ideas –

‘Comfy’ is the word

The one characteristic that one should look for in a furniture piece is the comfort level. As we say it, the furniture should pass the ‘comfy’ factor to be present in these private spaces. This is one factor, which should never be compromised for looks. Go in for huge floor pillows if needed rather than small hard poufs.   

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Busk-Hertzog

Colour Palette

Colour is a very important component for any space to come to life. One should try to balance the colour of the entire room while choosing the furniture. Probably a dash of a cyan coloured sofa with fuchsia cushions or subtle furniture with peppy coloured cushions and accessories can help rejuvenate the space. 

Vintage Chic

The vintage look is that one theme that can be incorporated safely, but one should be careful to not overdo it. The look can have furniture items like a rocking chair with huge wheels, or a wooden rocking chair with leather upholstery or can have a woven seat and back. The vintage look is just an inspiration drawn from the early eras to stylize the look in the present era.

There is a whole lot of amazing vintage furniture ideas today. The ideas could be executed by professionals or could be tried on by means of DIY modes. One can go in for a vintage look according to the various movements like baroque, renaissance etc. Wherein the vintage items can be transformed into furniture pieces. For instance, a leather or metallic luggage case can be turned into an amazing sofa or a cabinet, by adding on the required.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Andrzej Otrębski

Desi Chic

One can decide to go in for a complete desi look for the spaces by adding awesome handcrafted furniture in the spaces. The crafted furniture like the ones from Sankheda, Gujarat, Kashmir or the likes could be used to rejuvenate the spaces. Desi look can be embraced by the use of bright Indian colours for the fabrics in the furniture. Other means to add desi chic to your space is by adorning the furniture with the various indigenous craft techniques, such as thikri craft, leather embossing etc. These crafts can be used to embellish the various furniture elements to give the desired indigenous look while helping in rejuvenating the space. The Indian desi look can be emphasized by the use of Indian fabrics and motifs for upholstery.  

That is how we ‘Swing’

Swings act like a wow factor in the common spaces, where they solve the purpose of relaxation as well as act as an additional seat when required. Swings again help in making a statement in a space. One can even snuggle up in a swing and make it their reading nook. Swings are liked by all age groups and today the market hosts a variety of swings.

Casual but Classy

One should go in for a very casual furniture for living and dining spaces, but, the even a single out of the league piece helps in giving the space a classy feel. The furniture pieces might just be resultant of the various voyages, but should be arranged in a manner that the space does not end up like a furniture catalog.  

candles, chair, dining table

Image credit: Pexels

Contemporary is the in thing

These days, every other person has started using the word contemporary in the trends industry. The contemporary or the modern look is a more towards minimalistic look. The furniture designed today is usually devoid of heavy ornamentation. These pieces are easy to maintain and minimalistic in every regard. The contemporary furniture helps in imparting a clean and visually light look to the space. The contemporary furniture uses more of glass and metal as their frame as against their older counterparts, which, used wood for the frames.

Stay Open, Contemporary Decor, Modern Decor

Image credit: Max Pixel

Smart Ideas or Jugaad

One can revitalize the spaces by converting simple day to day items into pieces of furniture, or by simply making everything easier and chucking the thought of copying other. Some ideas could be –

Converting a bucket into stools or poufs, by tastefully adding foam and fabric, colouring the bucket in chic and preppy colours or subtle colours with painted patterns.

Balti Stool - Pine Red by Desi jugaad

Image credit: Desi Jugaad

Tyres into low seating have become a common scenario, it not only falls reasonable but also adds an oomph factor to the space. One can experiment with a lot of ideas, weaves fabrics, with the tyres.  

Fun stuff to do with old tires!:

Image credit: Design Mena

Turn the fruit crates into useful shelves by mounting them on walls, turn them into side stools, or maybe a coffee table. The wood texture of the crates helps in adding a statement to the space.

Old furniture can be rearranged or reworked on and with a simple touch up of paints or decoupage can add an edge to the space. For instance, the old cabinets can be painted with pastels, with a pinch of accents here and there.

Furniture is one of the important elements of any room. To rejuvenate a space it is imperative that the furniture should be well taken care of. The elements could be personal innovations or something bought from the market, which helps in revitalizing the space. Even a small change by the use of furniture pieces can help bring about amazing changes in a space.  One should be able to decide on the kind of look one wants for their spaces and then go ahead with the process of rejuvenation.

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