12 Ways to Get a Colourful Living Room

12 Ways to Get a Colourful Living Room

The living room is the only other room after bedroom where the residents spend the most of their time. The same reason is good enough to give a lively décor to space. Adding Color adds the element of life and zing to space. The presence of color makes one happy instantly. Colour is an important factor; however, one should refrain from adding colors in a way that space ends up looking like an experiential gallery for colors. The choice must be done in a balanced manner. Following are 12 ways that can help one get a colorful living room –

1. Wall Accent - Zing up the bare walls

The simplest way to add a pop of color to a living room by painting the walls in complementary colors. To add on to the painting technique, one can simply introduce accent or focal walls to introduce color. Apart from painting the walls, nice patterned wallpapers or wall tiles could be used to break the monotony of the walls, thereby adding color to the living area.

living room - wall accent

2. Living Room Colors Through Upholstery

If one prefers a subtle look and wants to go slow with the color, then the best way to go about it by experimenting with upholstery for the sofa. One can go in for a nice patterned or patchwork look for the sofa or a solid bold color for the entire piece. The selection of the pattern or the color helps in portraying the personality of the residents. The use of patterned fabric for furniture can lead to making a statement.

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colorful living rooms


Image credit: Flickr/Charles Parsons Interiors

3. Using Light Fixtures to create colored accents

Lighting is an important aspect of the living space and can be used for adding color to space while lighting up the space. There are umpteen possibilities for lighting fixtures vis-à-vis material, craft, colors, type and what not. The fixtures to be installed could be selected in bright or complimentary solid colors in a contemporary manner. One can have a vintage take for the fixtures, by selecting well-crafted stain glass or tribal painting (like Madhubani, gond kalamkari etc.) lampshades.

light fixtures for living room

Image credit: Pexels

Lighting scones could be used to induce colored accents to the room. These can help in setting up mood lighting in the living area.   

modern light fixtures

Image credit: Costa Flores

For the same purpose, one can even go in for a DIY option for making paper or thread lamps. For which creativity has no limits.

wall accent

Image credit: Flickr/decor8 holly

4. Living Room Decor Ideas - Go Green Mantra

Plants amazingly add colour to any space automatically. The space with plants become all the calmer and nicer. This is one of the most low-cost and feasible solutions to make a living room colourful without putting overtly extra efforts and money. Besides, GO GREEN is the trending mantra. Plants not only induce colour but also freshens the interior environment of the room.  One can even go in for a dedicated wall for indoor plants to add the colour in a balanced way.

living room decor ideas

Image credit: Flickr/Geneva Venderzeil

vertical garden

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Spaceo

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5. Wall Accent - Art pieces

A good art piece can help in livening up a living room. The bare walls could be adorned with art pieces depending on the size of the room. There could be a collage of artwork, which can be put up on the wall by using multiple bright colored frames.

wall accent

Image credit: Pexels

If not multiple pieces, the residents could paint the wall with art, using it just as a blank canvas to color it and make something unique.

wall art

Image credit: Trend Hunter

6. Refurbished and statement living room furniture

One can add refurbished or an era furniture to add color to the space. These pieces not only add color but also help in adding an element of uniqueness to the space. The furniture can be refurbished by, acquiring discarded furniture from local flea markets or the existing furniture, which one no longer wants to use.

These could include period furniture pieces which dramatically adds color to the space along with adding a theme to the space. One can play with the amount of period furniture one wants. There could even be an assortment of furniture to add color. This is possible if one purchases items from different sources. But, one should be careful of maintaining the balance while assembling differently styled furniture pieces.  

living room furniture

Image credit: Zoe Murphy

living room wall decor

Image credit: Flickr/Wicker Paradise

7. Pull off the complimentary shades look in the living rooms

To complement the various elements of the living space, one can either go in for a color palette with complementary colors or can go in for complementary shades of the same color. The complementary combinations balance the colored aspect of the space beautifully. For instance, if the entire room is in neutral shades, then the curtains can be selected in a manner that they become the source of color in the room. Similarly, the small accessories could be selected in complementary shades of the same color to break the monotony and at the same time follow a color theme.  

living rooms

Image credit: Flickr/Nanimo

8. Add the pop with rugs

Throw in a rug with peppy colors or a royal pattern, which instantly changes the dynamics of the living room.

colorful rugs

9. Living room decor - Throw  Pillows

Though a very minuscule element or an unnoticed element the throw pillows form a very important part of the living room décor. So, one can just introduce colored throw pillows without changing any other thing in the room. The color, pattern, and fabric of the throw pillows could be played with to achieve the desired look. One should try to follow the concept of contrasts while selecting the color for throw pillows for the respective sofa.


Floor pillows are again an easy way to add color to the otherwise monotonous living room. Choose a color or pattern that livens up the room. Floor pillows in peppy or bright colors can help in popping up the colored effect in the room. The benefit being, that, these could be removed according to the mood of the space.

colorful living room

10. Curtains 

If one needs to add color to the room easily and quickly, one can think about changing the drapes. The curtains occupy quite a proportion of space in the room, the color of the curtain can help in inducing the space with lively colors and at the same time creating a contrast with the existing set of a room. Curtains colors could be selected in layers as well. This will help in inducing multiple colors in the room. These colors could be selected according to the mood they create during day and night time. Colour of the curtains play an important role as the natural light when passes through these curtains create colored accents in the space.


Image credit: Flickr/Ruchi Designs

11. Add the x-factor to the Living room open shelving

Living rooms tend to have open shelving. The monotony of these shelving units can be broken by means of colored or patterned backing paper. The backing paper apart from adding color to the space also aids in accentuating the products kept in the shelves.

living rooms

12. Coloured home decor accessories

Even the smallest of things can have biggest of impacts. Each and every accessory in a living space plays its part. If one doesn’t want to change the space at a macro level then the accessories could be brought in in a manner that they help to add colour to space. For instance, the showpieces, planters, vases etc. could all be colour coordinated to give the space a balanced feel. Other than the obvious accessories, one can use coloured knobs for cabinets or doors to add colour.

decor  accessories
beautiful living rooms

Colour is an essential design factor and living room is an essential space in a room; so, it is nice to have some play of colour in varied forms in the room. Even the minutest and unnoticed of elements could undergo a colour lift to make a noticeable difference. The only thing that one needs to keep in mind is that the colours or the changes being thought of should be able to create a balance in the space; otherwise, it might end up in ‘coloured chaos’.

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