Unusual Kitchen Counter-Tops Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

published On Mar 16 2017

Unusual Kitchen Counter-Tops Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Interior designing and decoration comes with the unlimited options and creativity for every kind of space. Interior designing never ever follows the rules of restriction and limitation. It is so wide and so welcoming to every kind of creativity that it absorbs smoothly all the variety of design and changes. Just because of this inherent quality and power of interior design we get the freedom to design our spaces in a different manner. Something which is unusual and which breaks the regular common pattern of design rules. Let's knock at the change and break the commonly used countertop design of kitchen. Unsual kitchen countertop ideas for the best of kitchen impression, workablity and style.


In general woods are not being used as the countertop for kitchens. But if given a chance to the wood they can easily use as countertops and will bring an impressive change to your kitchen design. Wooden counter tops can be used for the inland kitchen counter top which is generally used for cutting, chopping and serving the foodstuff. Avoid using wooden counter top which shares the gas/oven area. Breaking the rules is good at times. Try to break the monotonous stone counter top chain by adding some woods into it.  

Image credit: Flickr/Suzy Spence


Glass is one the most elegant and aesthetic materials of design. Glass always gives a royal touch and feel to the space. But, glass is rarely used as kitchen counter top. Mixing up glass with some stone counter top is a mesmerizing idea it itself. Kitchen glass counter tops are specially made to resist breakage and can tolerate the amount of heat which kitchen produces. You may use glass as the full-fledged kitchen counter top or even you might mix it well with some wooden or stone material depending upon your budget and design styling. 

Image credit: Flickr/ThinkGlass


Usually Inland kitchen counter tops are used for serving purpose. They hardly come under the work triangle of kitchen area. Therefore, they can be easily used for the serving purpose or can be made as snacks center. What if they are being design with some glass top on it. Let the frosted glass enhance the beauty of your regular counter top. Let the island counter top make the impression of your kitchen harmonizing with glass counter top or glass slab to it.

Image credit: Flickr/ThinkGlass


In general it is difficult to find the same color countertop and walls of the kitchen. But with the same color of walls and countertop of the kitchen we automatically introduce our kitchen design to harmony and rhythm. It might be the most unusual kind of design idea but has the most stunning power to rule for years. Moreover it is quite beneficial for the small kitchen. It will automatically enlarge the space of kitchen with its color flow and smoothness.

Image credit: Flickr/Quartzcountertop


Usually ceramic stones are not used as kitchen counter top. But using thick ceramic stones or tiles as kitchen countertop can make a huge difference in looks, usability and styling. They are quite easy to clean, hardly have any maintenance cost on it and even a part of slab can be changed when required according to the need and work.

Image credit: Flickr/Jill

So, basically “unusual” is the call of today’s era. We are residing in the stylish century of design ideas and flavors. Maintaining and developing different design ideas is important to impress the overall design ideas and to break the monotony of years. Let the usual designs take a back seat and unusual designs should be given a chance to exhilarate the style world.

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