Stunning Garden Ideas With Outdoor Dining

published On Mar 14 2017

Dining area

No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden -by Thomas Jefferson

Gardens can be easily referred as the heart of our houses as they add life and cheerfulness in our mundane lifestyles. Everybody desires to be close to the environment; and fancy spending time outdoors. At some point or other, one yearns to splurge in their private garden by relishing with nature. One of the vital elements of such garden spaces is the landscape furniture which includes congruent outdoor dining. It is pre requisite that outdoor dining furniture is harmonious and fitting with the integrity of the garden. Inferring in this article are a few stunning garden ideas with a few outdoor dining options that are simple in nature but create enormous constructive energy in the unvarying daily routines of our life.

Gardens as heart of house

Under The Pergolas

Having Pergolas in the garden spaces is a seamless way of augmenting dining space in the outdoors. Pergolas, especially with climbers (plants) integrate subtly with the garden area adding to its appeal. Wood is the finest material to be used outdoors in such scenario both for the pergola and the furniture as it becomes part of nature rather than existing as an individual entity. Pergolas are designed as either a complete shed or partially open to the sky with appealing patterns and profiles. Semi-open character of the pergolas not only helps in retaining the visual connectivity with the garden elements but also creates a barrier in times of harsh weather conditions and escalates the experience of the environment and subsisting within nature.

Under the pergolas

Beneath The Tree

The ambience beneath the trees has known to have created crucial discoveries in the history of mankind; Sir Isaac Newton developed the concept of gravitation under the tree. So, one never knows what constructive energy they might bring along with the fresh air. Hence, it’s a good idea to plan the dining area under the branches of an old tree. Vibrant colours and comfortable lounge furniture would be impeccable in any garden. Adding lamps and other decoration items can enhance the quality of the experience and can make any ordinary garden into a stunning piece of art.

Ambience beneath the trees

Part Of Nature

It’s a great idea to make the dining area a component of the garden itself to augment the beauty and the utility of the garden; one approach to accomplishing it by utilizing elements of nature like stone and tree barks to create a casual dining area in the outdoors. Revamping the garden using this approach will embellish the whole space escalating its use and making it more exquisite.

Part of nature

Make- Shift Dining Area

For garden areas which are small in size and cannot accommodate permanent dining spaces, make shift dining furniture is an excellent technique to have dining space in the outdoor according to the need of the hour. Collapsible furniture which can be folded and stored in minimal space will facilitate turning your garden into a provisional dining area whenever you feel to dine outside in the ambiance of nature and host get-togethers in the garden areas under the sky.

Shift dining area

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