12 Ways To Warm Up Your Room With Mirror

12 Ways To Warm Up Your Room With Mirror

We often underestimate the power of mirror as an accessory in home decor. Mirrors have been used as a necessity rather than it being seen as an overall asset that adds up to the essence of a room. Add life to your room with the presence of scintillating mirrors and bring in warmth to your personal spaces.

Here is a list of interesting ideas of how you can add and arrange mirrors to make your room cozy and classy at the same time:

Accent Mirrors - Make It A Group

Group mirrors of different sizes and fill up that empty wall of your room for instance the staircase. The empty wall is now accessorized and you would automatically see the room being completed in its own way on adding the mirrors.

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accent mirrors

Standing Mirror

A standing mirror adds up to the vertical element of a room and makes the corners or walls complete. We might just end up in the fear of taking care of a standing mirror but it comes across as one of the easiest ways to add up the function and aesthetics of a mirror to a room. 

Standing mirror

Different Shapes Antique Mirrors

Is your dining room a little boring? Why don’t you think of a little adventure and play with different shapes to cut down on the monotony of your room. Go for clumsy curves along with simple polygons for the extra oomph to space.

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Antique mirrors

Image credit:  West Elm

Art Deco Mirror Behind The Seating

The walls behind our sofas often get wasted and lack attractions at times. Go with or against your colour scheme and call it for an exciting way to add the behind wall with a simple large mirror.

art deco mirror

Image credit: West Elm

Big Mirrors On The Cupboards

Always thought of mirrors being placed on the walls? Try something wacky and different by putting mirrors on the cupboards. Makes your room cheerful and would give interesting views at the same time.

Big Mirrors

Go Circles - Round Mirror

Circles don’t differentiate with any directions. A circle represents a whole and hence circular mirrors would stand out as beautiful pieces of representing your room and adding the ease to it.

round mirrors

The Little Wall Mirror

Adding a mirror above, to behind your side table or the small tables kept in your room would give importance to the unseen areas of your room. Pay a little attention to the little pieces of furniture in your room by decorating them with mirrors.

wall mirror

Image credit: CB2 

Decorative Mirror - Mirror Patterns 

You can arrange the mirrors according to the theme of your room such as the living rooms  to make a pattern.

Mirror patterns

Image credit:  Artsigns Interiors

Wall Mirrors As Decorative Hangings

If you have been wondering which wall art to hang on your room walls, hang mirrors instead and see the interesting visuals. Hang mirrors or the wall at distances or different heights and go for something different than choosing wall arts and paintings.

wall mirrors

Contemporary Mirrors As Wall Cladding

Make peace with the wall behind your bed and clad it with mirrors arranged in a sequence. Bed cladding in addition to the wall mirror cladding would make your room captivating. You can add cladding on the wall behind sofas as well.

contemporary mirrors

Circle Mirrors The One That Shimmers

This beautiful yet bright and shiny mirror makes the room vibrant and lively. The spokes on the mirror are like rays of the sun giving to the elegance to the room along with the warmth.

circle mirrors

Tinted Hues - Cheap Mirrors

The concept of tinted glasses is new and is spot on idea for something unique that you want in your room. Shades of pink, blue, green and yellow tinted on the mirror half way or full appears to compliment with the interiors of your room.


cheap mirrors

Image credit: Mirror Coop

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Ways To Warm Up Your Room With Mirror Warm Up Your Room With Mirror Interior Decor Ideas With Mirror Decor Ideas And tips with Mirror

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