Importance Of Colours In Interiors

published On Feb 24 2017

importance of colors in interiors

What do you like to be surrounded with?

Blingy? Dramatic? Eclectic? Bizarre? Elegant? Bright? or just pristine calm?

Blingy dramatic surrounding

Well, We surely cannot bring it to you but can tell you how you can get that around your house. Colours play that vital role in our lives which we often overlook. If you like any of the moods mentioned above, you should know how to get that vibe in your personal space. But before we jump on to that let's have a look at what colours actually do to space.

Colors play vital role
We all know what colours are like really even the tiny tots can answer that. But do you also know that every colour has its own characteristics? That is why there is a popular saying that a colour can make or break your room. You cannot put bright red in a study room. NO, it just won’t do. But you can definitely try that for your living room, maybe pair it up with a contrasting colour for your bathroom! The possibilities are endless. Below you will find the positives and negatives of different colours





Clean, innocent, fresh, pure, soft, goodness

Emptiness, pristine, isolation


Power, strength, love, energy, warmth, desire

Warning, danger, anger


Growth, heal, natural, freshness, environment

Jealousy, guilt. envy


Professional, security, integrity, loyalty, trust

Coldness, masculinity, fear


Luxury, sophistication, prestige, elegance, classy

Mystery, evil, death


Social, fun, confidence, success, courage, optimism

Sluggishness, ignorance


Creativity, light, motivation, happy, intellectual

Unstable, irresponsible


Tranquil, nurture, sensitive, love, happy, happy

Immaturity, weak, feminity

There is a huge colour spectrum, but We have tried to cover the most basic ones. Various shades of the colours can be used, and each shade will create a different vibe. Also, keep in mind the light following on the colour

Huge color spectrum

The colours can be used in a variety of ways- in combinations or stand alone. You must have seen the colour wheel. It showcases the entire colour spectrum, and also the different relationships between colours.

  • Complimentary Colours: Like the name suggests, these colours compliment each other well and when used together they create a vibrant atmosphere. Take the colour wheel, the colours that are opposite to each other compliment each other. For example, consider red, opposite red you will see green on the colour wheel. So, the red and green combination will create a bright vibe. But do not go blindly with the colour combination. You need to consider other spatial aspects also along with the choice of colours.

Complimentary colors
  • Analogous Colours: They are of the same family. Colours that are next to each other are analogous colours and such combination is used to create a visual harmony. Taking red on the colour wheel, you will notice orange and yellow next to it.

  • Triadic colours: these colours form a triangle on the colour wheel. This colour scheme is tricky to use since it has three very vibrant colours. Try to keep only one colour as dominant and use lighter shades of the other colours.

Once you get an idea about the ways colours can be used, try to decide on a mood. Hot red with gold can create a beautiful oriental vibe in your area, whereas soft pink and blue can be used together to create a soft and comforting environment for a baby’s nursery. Colours can actually create a whole new visual delight if used in the perfect way. Just the right hue, shade and balance can do miracles to your room.

Hot red with gold

You need to first visualize what is the exact vibe that you're looking for, and then shortlist your colour accordingly! Go crazy with creating various combinations. A lot of paint stores, give you a sample of paint so that you know how exactly the colour will look. Remember it is not always about the trends that are going hot in the market but most importantly about your personal sense of space. If orange is your happy colour, then paint your walls orange! Colours that you use around are a true reflection of your personality and it is important that they make you comfortable. So, use them to your advantage!

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