Brilliant Ways to Make your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

published On Feb 24 2017

small bathrooms

Nowadays, people spend so much of their finance on not just their bedrooms but bathrooms too as they have now become a symbol of luxury and definitely, a bigger beautiful bathroom with unique designs is something everybody demands off so as not to feel short of space in this area of your house. But not everyone is blessed with bigger bathrooms or sometimes It’s like not all the bathrooms of the house are bigger in size and just in case you are cursed with the smaller bathroom, here are some of the few tips that must be followed so as to make your smaller bathroom look bigger without adding any extra square feet of area to the existing ones.


Lighting is the first and the foremost factor to be considered while visualizing any space so as to get rid of darker and opaque areas in those smaller spaces. Try creating a skylight or a ventilator or a large window in such a manner that tricks your eyes to create an illusion of bigger space. Even Using Different Lights In A Bathroom Can Make It Look Stylish as well as spacious at the same time.

bathroom lighting


Maximize the use of the mirror in your bathroom as they reflect light on the surface and gives the best result in creating an illusion of getting more space. Even it is considered as one of the affordable ways to make a bathroom look elegant. It not just creates an illusion but it also creates a sort of depth to the narrow areas of the bathroom. Use the mirrors strategically in any possible way, be it full-length or a half-length or any other way..!!

bathroom mirrors


While designing or renovating any modern bathroom, focus on the bathroom furniture very carefully. I would suggest you use the thin-legged furniture or rather a floating furniture that would hang on the wall as it will keep the floor clear, giving a sense of bigger area to the bathroom.

bathroom furniture


While adding color to a bathroom within a smaller area, prefer to use a single color rather than adding two-three colors. Also, not to forget the usage of white color to most of the extent as white reflects light and creates the best result of the illusion of open space. If not white, then pale colors or off-white colors or any cool colors should be preferred that actually works same as the white color.

bathroom color combinations


When you use the tiles in any bathroom, prefer big tiles over those smaller ones. The reason behind this is smaller the tile, more the grouts and bigger the tile, less the grouts. Since these groups break the visual essence, I would suggest you not to go for the tiles of smaller size.

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bathroom tiles


While planning a storage, try to create hidden storages that usually take less space than those conventional storages. These storages may not be that appealing but ultimately save the spaces of your poor little bathroom. There are a lot of ideas behind creating these secret storages or even the recessed storages that actually saves a lot of space and also gives the best possible workability.

bathroom storage


Vertical lines always trick you into creating a bigger space. So when you want to use some kind of bathroom wallpapers, or a texture paint or some ceiling design, or any other kind of design, remember this pattern of vertical lines as it proves out to be the best, out of all the available designs and patterns in creating a larger area for any small bathroom.

bathroom wallpapers


The door of the bathroom or heightened cabinets or any sort of storages should be sliding as they tend to save a lot of space which otherwise is actually consumed by the swinging doors. Try this trick and you yourself will be amazed to see the results of open space.

bathroom doors

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel

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