Top Things To Know Before Starting Architecture Programme

published On Feb 21 2017

Starting Architecture Programme

Architecture teaches you more than just those technical drawings of buildings. It teaches you life, a very different one. It teaches you fun, very differently. It also teaches you to work, definitely in a very different manner when compared to other professions. So, overall its’s like there are probably lot many things that are to be learned about architecture. Here are the top things:


Anyone after graduating from an architecture school can easily learn that there is no definition of the word ARCHITECTURE. In fact, it comprises of so many words and not just 'buildings' and 'construction'. It actually consist of anything and everything like art, history, mechanics, design, nature, science, graphics etc etc ..... etc


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Probably the only profession that warns you not to sleep..!! Sleepless nights teaches you architecture or we could say architecture teaches you sleepless nights. This heartbreaking tale of sleepless night is not only in the student life but continuous even in the professional life as well, that means this INSOMNIA (not to be called as disease) will enter your life, once you enter into architecture

450px Landscape Architecture students at SLU in Alnarp.

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A lot of people like you and me are fooled with the very famous comment from your friends or relatives  i.e 'You have good drawing skills, Why don't you go for architecture?' When this profession is all about technical things, technical details, technical work and all those technical things, it is totally unfair to compare those childhood drawing skills with this technical profession

good drawing

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Be it an architecture school, or an office, or even in a home, the architecture makes you a tea addict. I remember during my days when one of my teacher gave us( my whole class of 40 students) a tea treat for the sake of completing a design problem in a very short period of time..!! Tea makes you feel fresh. Tea arouses that feeling of getting started with the work. Tea blows your mind with the new ideas.


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Architecture also makes you stylish in your own way and remember the word stylish not always signifies the shine and glam. Most of the people of this profession will have a different kind of style statement starting from those long hairs, spiky hairs, messy hair buns, nerdy looks, very long beard and all that.

Style in your own way

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At the age of 18-22, when all your school friends are someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend, you are totally committed to your submissions only. Those designs and those construction details hardly let you go to your partner. Hence, you end up graduating as a SINGLE.

no time for relationship


Traveling is the best part of the architecture, and this traveling comes to you in all the different possible ways starting from tours and case studies in college days to site visits in your office days and further to those foreign tours for various kinds of materials and projects. After all, The more you travel, the more you learn.

Travel addiction


Probably the only profession where you don't require those heavy piles of books to study. Architecture is all about being practical, learning things practically. But let’s not forget that these books are replaced by various kinds of tools that you require while making any drawings such as T-Square, Set-Square, Metric Scale, Stencils, Rotring pens and all those things.

more tools

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There are a lot of things and other technical branches that are linked to architecture directly. Just designing a building is definitely not architecture, it further leads to landscaping, services, interiors, journalism and a lot of other things too.

more than just buildings

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Architecture has no time boundation. There's nothing like “9 to 5” kind of thing in it. You have to work every now and then for a special rise and shine in this profession. Early morning work and late night shifts actually become the part of your life.

no time boundation

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