10 Things Not To Do While Remodelling Your Kitchen

published On Feb 17 2017

I truly believe that kitchens are more than just a room for cooking/preparing food. It is actually the heart of every home.

The evolution of kitchen design is directly linked with the choice of people that changes with time may be because of changing trends or the new technologies or designs prevailing in the market.

So, if you are planning to renovate or remodel your kitchen, take a look at top 10 things that are NOT to be done while remodelling a kitchen after all kitchen remodelling is big investment.


A kitchen island that you think represents the luxury of space is actually a magnet for all the messes. No matter how many times to try to clear out the space, the result is always a mess. Not only just the mess, but it is also considered as impractical in kitchens with smaller areas, so just try to avoid this element to much extent.

Upper West Side Apartment Remodel - 395 Riverside Drive


Try to avoid bright and flashy colours and instead use soft/lightcolours,  be it greys, browns, greens, purples, lemons etc. This is not only because soft colours lit your kitchen without using any electricity during the day time at least but also soft colours have long term value in terms of durability, cleaning and what not. So, try  to use the colors which are pleasant to eyes for real.

Fun and Funky Mudjimba Beech House


Too much storage is too bad at times when it comes to additional drawers/dividers because practically they aren’t that useful as they seem and moreover they also invite more junk into the storages which results in decrement of storage instead of increment. Moreover, they are not only expensive but you have to be too careful while using such drawers, so its better to avoid them.

Image credit: Laurysen Kitchen


Not to forget the working of kitchen behind putting all those colours and appliances on point. So, the major 3 elements i.e refrigerator, stove, sink should be placed closed to each other for the easy working in any kitchen. Once this triangle is disturbed, it would be difficult to get ergonomic and functional kitchens which are actually very essential for anyone working in the kitchen.

Work triangle

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/PeterOreilly


No matter how many bucks you spend on a kitchen remodelling, I suggest you to not to keep outdated appliances. Updated appliances are must to give the perfect look to any kitchen and definitely a quirky look to the kitchen.



Let’s not just go with the flow of creating cabinets all the time in every kitchen. Using hooks and glass shelves for the display of crockery definitely  creates a surprisingly fresh look in the kitchen and gives your kitchen a very different kind of look. So, I would definitely recommend you to move out of those very traditional kind of cabinets and prefer these elements, wherever possible.

Downsview Transitional Kitchen


Use of eye candy material in the kitchen at some point is always important so as to bring the focus of a viewer/user at some point. This focal point could be the bold painted wall or a texture or a artwork or even some kind of an appliance as well.Remember not to create so many focal point that it seems mess to the viewer.

Beach Style Kitchen


Simplicity should be followed throughout the kitchen in the most creative and orderly way possible so as to avoid clutter in the kitchen. Simple and  smart planning to create a multifunctional and aesthetically appealing kitchen is an important factor that must be considered while designing a kitchen.


Image credit : Lispo Kitchens


Let the floor of your kitchen speak it’s own language in its own way because a kitchen is not only about the cabinets and appliances but remember the flooring you choose should be durable and needs low maintenance. Also, choose the kind of flooring that never really goes out of style and gives a good return on your investment.



Avoid high maintenance elements. For eg : tile counter tops where it becomes difficult to clean the grouts. Not only this but the practical and pragmatic warmth of matt versus the extravagance and fleshy fashion of high gloss is also the real problem that many of you faces, So I personally recommend you to choose your materials wisely so as not to face the maintainence issues.

Remember high maintenance elements hardly lets your kitchen keep clean.

Contemporary Kitchen


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